On this day, “nobody search for” Nevzlin who was put on the wanted list

On this day, “nobody search for” Nevzlin who was put on the wanted list

A typical episode of the “Nevzlin Show" and side effects. Secret acknowledgment of the Tax Service’s claims by “offshore consultants”. The website Prigovor.ru reminds its readers of what happened on January 17, 2004.

On this day 17 years ago, on January 17, 2004, the press passionately wanted to see the face of the fugitive criminal Leonid Nevzlin, downloaded to all databases of law enforcement agencies under the heading "On the wanted list of police". However, having not found any confirmation from their mysterious "sources" that Nevzlin was on a wanted list, publications confused themselves and then decided to confuse their readers. They started to contrive the situation, assuring their readership that the escaped to Israel “Leonid Nevzlin and Vladimir Dubov have not even been put on a federal wanted list”, stated the newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to “its own cross-checking” which comprised of giving calls to certain “familiar policemen”, who, in their turn, said to the media outlet that such defendants “are not present on the federal wanted list, to say nothing about the international wanted list”.

Could the absence of the mentioned persons on the wanted lists (at the moment of calls to "familiar policemen") mean that nobody was looking for them? Certainly not. It meant only one thing – for the moment they were not on the lists. Moreover, the newspaper itself pointed out that the lists were changed permanently. However, the false conclusion was being nailed right in the headlines and leads of information reports. They were striving, it’s worth noting, for one simple reason – Leonid Nevzlin was very nervous.

The theme of searching Nevzlin had been simmering in the information flow as early as from January 5 but without details. “In any case, there is a feeling that some actions have been taken pertaining to these two Yukos shareholders, but the investigation has not yet decided which role to allot them in the whole Yukos case”, suggested, summing up the situation, the newspaper “Nezavisimaya Gazeta”.

And Nevzlin himself understood that procedures were inevitable and decided to cover himself with Irina Khakamada. On January 14, he declared his support of Irina Khakamada as a presidential candidate. On January 15, Nevzlin cursed and said that he had been put on a wanted list for "abrupt support" of Khakamada, and, on January 17, the liberal press was convincing all – “nobody is searching Nevzlin”. In a nutshell, a usual “Nevzlin-Show” with side effects for the showman.


In fact, the Ruling on putting Nevzlin L.B. (born September 21, 1959, native of the city of Moscow, defendant of the criminal case No 18/325501-04 on the charge of tax evasion to the total amount of 27 416 908 rubles) was signed on January 14, 2004, and, on January 16 of the same year, a corresponding assignment was sent to the Russian bureau of Interpol. An on the international (within the Commonwealth of Independent States – SNG) he was put on January 12, 2004. And, naturally, from the moment of signing and sending to certain addresses and downloading to databases, so that the "familiar policemen" could have a look, in those years when the electronic document flow was in its early days, a considerable amount of time would pass. So, when, on January 21, the information about the search found its confirmation, they tried to forget the emerged topic. And it was wrong.

In the days of the “search of the search”, the fugitive criminal Nevzlin made another remarkable statement, what was disseminated by the press. It dealt with the Office of the Prosecutor General that, allegedly, "ended up empty-handed" with Nevzlin’s taxes. Because, as Nevzlin put it, “he is proved-and-reproved person, unlike common taxpayers, and he had been proved as a member of the Federation Council according to their program, and there are no complaints, and there are papers proving it”. Similar statement made Nevzlin’s lawyer. “Leonid Nevzlin was also a member of the Federation Council, president of the Russian State University for Humanities RGGU, which means that his personal data had been proved more than once, but there had been no complaints”, said, without winking, the lawyer Dmitry Kharitonov.

"However, empty-handed ended up not the Office of the Prosecutor General, but Nevzlin himself. First, the scheme of tax evasion through the offshores on the Isle of Man, in which they had also found Nevzlin, concerned all managers of the oil company, which is corroborated by claims to such physical persons as Lebedev, Shakhnovsky, and Khodorkovsky. In this regard, Nevzlin didn’t fall behind the group of “consultants”. Second, in April 2005, Anton Drel, lawyer and henchman of Khodorkovsky, carried out a presentation of interesting documents. As it was reported, these were “financial documents demonstrating that to the address of the Federal Treasury of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation Vladimir Dubov, Leonid Nevzlin, and Mikhail Brudno transferred sums of money for the Tax Inspections No2 and No5 of the Moscow Central District in the framework of the civil suit of the tax authorities”. Simply put, the “borehole consultants”, as to the complaints of the Tax Service through civil courts, secretly decided to acknowledge their little debt which made their previous very “honest” statements unreliable, to put it mildly”, notes the website Prigovor.ru.

(See the previous article “On this day, Alexey Golubovich returned to Russia”. In Italy, Golubovich explained to the court that his life is threatened by a shareholder of the company, by the fugitive criminal Leonid Nevzlin, who had stripped him of GML shares. The website Prigovor.ru reminds its readers of what happened on January 16, 2007.


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