Ahnenerbe of Khodorkovsky

Ahnenerbe of Khodorkovsky

The Foundation “Future of Russia”* of Mikhail Khodorkovsky ** has issued a Russo-phobic manifesto “Russian Chromosome” and is pushing ideas of “new racism” directed against the Russians. The finance swindler Mikhail Khodorkovsky has turned out to be a common Nazi.


Behind the events of the special military operation in Ukraine has passed, actually, undetected a fact – in the end of May, the newspaper “Novaya Gazeta” published a really Russo-phobic manifesto, based on theoretical ideas of racism and Nazism. This verbal “Sieg Heil” was brightly announced on the first page: an animal carcasses swathed by a white shroud that is similar in form with the cartographic contour of the Russian Federation, and near it chirurgical instruments are spread. And there is a title printed in big letters, bigger than the title of the newspaper itself, to be more precise, the title of the manifesto “Russian Chromosome”. What to do after”. And with this “Russian Chromosome” of blood-red color, is entitled each of the four following pages, allocated for this manifesto of vivisectionists of Russia.

Announce of the Nazi and racial manifesto “Russian Chromosome” on the first page of the newspaper “Novaya Gazeta”. Our congratulations to the chief editor and laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Actually, “Russian Chromosome”, by itself, reminds of a propaganda and racist-eugenical term in the ideology of the German national-socialists, like, for instance “lower race”, “low-quality human material”, “racial hygiene” or “Jewish Untermensch”. However, the Nazis had borrowed the term “underman” or “Untermensch”, from the American racial theorist Lothrope Stoddard, who, as early as in 1923, had published a book “The Revolt Against the Civilization: The Menace of the Under Man”.

The book of the American racist that thought out the term “under-man”

The American father of Nazism argued that an inborn racial inferiority is inherent to Russian Slavs, that in Russia had come to power the Bolsheviks, “inborn criminals”, a completely new notion should be introduced to describe this phenomenon: “the Under-man”. The October revolution was, according to Stoddard, a battle cry in view of the forthcoming inevitable battle between civilized nations and “masses from the East”.

Already in the first lines the “chromosome” author of the manifesto published in the newspaper “Novaya Gazeta” declares that, whatever an epoch or state system, “in its main postulates Kremlin’s ideology remains intact, i.e. antagonistic with regard to all values of the Western world”. In other words, the Russians and their rulers in the Kremlin are fatally incompatible with the Western civilization. The modern so-called “new racism” lays emphasis on culture, that is why sometimes it is called “culture racism”.

In the West, in the stead of the idea of superiority, comes the idea of “incompatibility” of civilizations. “Civilizational type” – this term nowadays can successfully play the same role, as the notion “blood” played in the classical racism.

“The Russian-American relations are one again at the crossroad – this is a leitmotif of mass media also in the United States, and in the West, in general: Russia doesn’t fit into the “Western civilization”, it is, by virtue of its nature, ill-suited for to be an equal partner for Western democracies. This is the result of just another onset of intolerance of western politicians towards dissidence, the American establishment struggles to understand, that the chain reaction of Russia’s disintegration has been disconnected…” – all this was stated as early as in 2005 in the analytical report “On probable screenplay of actions of the United States towards Russia in 2006-2008”. The authors of this report – famous diplomat Valentin Falin and former head of the Russia’s Foreign intelligence Gennady Yevstafyev – well deserve trust.


The author of “Russian Chromosome” biologicizes  “mass conscience” of the Russian society when he speaks about the influence of the “historical statement of Putin in Russia: “That pathogenic virus inserts its genetic material in DNA material of millions of cells attacked by him, in order to reproduce himself later in automatic mode”. Thus, “the population of Russia”, points out the manifesto, “was put in a condition of social trance, close in its characteristics to mass hypnosis”.

The first page of the racist-nationalist manifesto “Russian chromosome”. Vladimir Pastukhov – theoretician-vivisectionist and, team-mate of Khodorkovsky.

“Russian Chromosome”, in the words of the author of the manifesto, is tied together “by stalks that stretches back in the depth of the Russian spiritual culture, in its darkest basement”. In its basis, allegedly, stand “three Russian pillars”: “orthodox fundamentalism”, “Slavophilism”, “Stalinism” (a radical version of the Russian Bolshevism”.

From the middle of the XIX century and up until know, assumes the manifesto, “Russia has continued to be a theocratic state either in open, or in a latent form (as during the Soviet epoch, when communism provisionally became state religion). And Stalinism, allegedly, “was tied up with Russian’s spiritual heritage and, even being a victim of obstruction, it didn’t vanish, but went under the earth and became “Underground”.

Nowadays, according to the expression of the author of “Russian Chromosome”, “a small, but firmly built group of “Petersburgers” has promoted to highest rulers pathogen viruses, namely, “Russian Eurasians”. And, as the result, “having, in fact, deep roots in the Russian spiritual culture (not less deep than those of the Westernism”, the Orthodox-Slavophil mantra has been completely “excepted” <…> by the people”.

Then the author of the Russophobe manifesto tries to darken counsels, presenting the so-called “Kremlin’s new ideology” as “one of the latent forms of “racial theories”. And he doesn’t say which people “Russian Eurasians” have counted to inferior people. Even more so that the notion itself “superiority of the nation” was invented and put into practice by Europeans and Anglo-Saxons. From the one hand, “according to the Kremlin”, Ukraine as a state, allegedly, is inferior, but, on the other hand, Ukraine is “like a Holy Grail” for the Kremlin.

 And then follows a culminating conclusion: Russian under-men, allegedly, were overtaken by a “collective ecstasy of members of a semi-religious order”.  “The main conclusion, which offers itself hot on the traces, is in the following”, concludes the manifesto, “Whatever abominable the “Russian types” are, “Russian ideas” look even move dangerous. Russian people live inside a totalitarian matrix, reproducing itself from one epoch to another. The Russian ideas create this matrix”.

The manifesto gives several recipes about how one talks some sense into these “abominable Russian types”. Above all, Russian is moving to a “total ideological lustration”. Under total interdiction gets orthodoxy together with communism, Stalinism and nationalism. This is the main point of the program of this Russo-phobic document: “In Russia should be carried out strict anti-clerical measures”, and “in place of Russian Orthodox Church’s pyramid, will be created, finally, a normal democratic church union, an association of free parishes, self-governed and financed exclusively by donations of church goers”. I.e., the Russian Orthodox Church is subject to be destroyed. (And, by the way, recently, the British authority put the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia on a sanctions list).

As the second item goes de-communization, which somehow “includes Eurasian utopias of Alexander Dugin and Alexander Prokhanov, New-Russia’s (Novorossiya) sorrows of Vladislav Surkov, reconstruction games of Igor Strelkov, and other things blossoming on the repository of the Russian communism…”

This seems unreal to you? Nowadays – yes. Tomorrow it will be real, answers the author to his own question and promises: There will be needed strict, sometimes brutal measures”.


The authorship of this racist it its own right manifesto “Russian Chromosome” about genetic inferiority of the Russian man, as is pointed out by the newspaper “Novaya Gazeta”, belongs to Vladimir Borisovich Pastukhov, research fellow of the University College of London. He was born in 1963 in Kiev, in a successful lawyer’s family, specialist in divorce cases. He graduated from the law school of the Kiev University, was secretary of the Komsomol of the Law School. He was on friendly terms with Yuri Kachura, sun of the former first secretary of the Communist party committee of the Donetsk Area Boris Kachura, who later became secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine. Pastukhov always knew how to get useful connections and always strained after comfortable life.

“New racist” Vladimir Pastukhov, in the distant past – secretary of the Law School’s Komsomol organization of the University of Kiev.

In the end of 1980s, Pastukhov meets with a Muscovite Yuliya, who is five years younger than he, and moves to Moscow. Initially, the newly wedded couple lives in a two room apartment on the street Osernaya in Ochakovo district with the mother of the girl. In several years, thanks to Pastukhov business acumen, the young couple moves to a three room apartment on Eftemov street in the Khamovniki district.

His business activity Pastukhov began as a lawyers of the international department of the representation of the Komi Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. Then he worked in the Moscow representation of the pharmaceutics company “Merck Sharp & Dohme”. He taught at the Higher School of Economics, organized the Institute of law and public policy. The pinnacle of his career and the cusp of glory we can consider the “Magnitsky case” that became international notoriety.

As a lawyer, Pastukhov represented interests of the investment fund Hermitage Capital Management. The head of this fund, citizen of Great Britain William Browder was fairly accused of tax evasion to the tune of more than 2 billion rubles. In August 2008, law enforcement agencies conducted searches in the office of the lawyer. There letters of attorney and orders were withdrawn issued to the lawyer by the fund Heritage and the bank HSBC. It turned out that the withdrawn documents, on the basis of which had acted Pastukhov, were false. According to one of the participating lawyers of the defense in the case, to such a conclusion investigators had come as “foreign owners of Hermitage didn’t cross the Russian border, and therefore, could not have issued letters of attorney, and stamps of the fund were appropriated during the search”.

In September 2010, the criminal prosecution of Pastukhov was closed with the wording “due to the expiry of the terms of limitation.” Under article 78, paragraph 3, of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation (Release from Criminal Liability in Connection with the Expiration of Statutes of Limitation), the “running of a limitation period shall be stopped if the person who has committed a crime evades the investigation or court trial”.

By that time, Pastukhov had already moved to Great Britain. In the words of his business partner, “repression of siloviki from security agencies”, Pastikhov perceived as a destiny’s gift which allowed him to get a comfortable place as employee in one of the British universities. He had wanted earlier to emigrate, but at that time nobody had been waiting for him.

Actually, Pastukhov in social networks told that his move to Foggy Albion had been for him unexpected and not easy. Because in Russia he “had everything”: “There was a house near Mamontovka in the forest, and fireplace, pavilion for reading, and two dogs”. But as soon as emerged the first opportunity to dash to the West, he, without thinking, leaves his devoted wolfhounds, who have guided his comfortable premises.

Pastukhov in his house located in the Moscow Area

After the publication of the racist “Russian Chromosome”, Pastulhov was invited to be a co-presenter by his boss Mikhail Khodorkovsky**. They have hooked up a common program “Two Borisovichs” on the YouTube channel “Khodorkovsky Live”. Here two British immigrants, Mikhail Borisovich Khodorkovsky and Vladimir Borisovich Pastukhov, discuss most urgent, to their minds, political problems in Russia. And sometimes Mikhail Borisovich expresses himself much more radically than the author of the Russo-phobic manifesto. For instance, Khodorkovsky openly advocates dismemberment of Russia in order to relieve the Russians from the burden of inferiority.

Please meat – “Two Borisovichs”, ordinary Nazis

It turns out that Pastukhov was an ideological guru of Khodorkovsky when he was serving his term in jail. Here is how the author of “Russian Chromosome” describes his acquaintance with the former oligarch: “I was not acquainted with Khodorkovsky in his previous life. We didn’t have even minimal common connection points. When he was arrested, I, to my shame, as opposed to the majority of colleagues, didn’t assume it as something extraordinary” <…>

Only when I myself came to London, at a conference in the British Parliament, Anton Drel came up to me – he has been, in my opinion, one of the best lawyers of Russia, then and now. He asked whether I can help his client to select literature on political philosophy to be read in places far away from London. I was surprised and asked why this was a problem. Anton explained that there was a problem, as Mikhail Borisovich Khodorkovsky could have simultaneously not more than ten printed documents, nine out of which should be procedural documents on criminal cases. That is why for reading there remains only one position, the choice of which, willing or not, one should treat censoriously – up to the next delivery there will be no other book available. So began our library acquaintance.

When Khodorkovsky, unexpectedly and inexplicable, was set free, we met, at last and continued spontaneously to discuss the books that he had read in prison. It became clear that, so different as we were, on many positions we are together. Perhaps, it helps that we are of the same age, and, by and large, are Soviet commoners, raznochinets of our decent. Living nowadays in the same town, we meet rather often and often argue. Mentally, Khodorkovsky is the reverse of me. I am abstract, he is concrete. I am dialectically well-rounded; he is mathematically accurate. I grab something political and try to define more precisely a problem, he, at once, searches for technologies to solve this problem. For me, it’s just interesting to be with him”.

New racists. Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Vladimir Pastukhov. Or simply – old Nazis


From 2019, Pastukhov has been heading Khodorkovsky’s “Future of Russia Foundation”, registered in London. Officially, this foundation deals with “education of young people in Russian and in countries of Eastern Europe and promotes Russian culture in Great Britain”. The foundation had been processing students and lectures so diligently that in June 2021 its destructive activity was marked by the Russian Ministry of Justice. The foundation “Future of Russia” was recognized as organization whose activity was extremely undesirable.

Registration card of the director of “Future of Russia Foundation”

Actually, the foundation “Future of Russia”, in particular, is a key sponsor of the analytical center “The Atlantic Council” affiliated with NATO and the British center “Chatham House”. So, according to the website Prigovor.ru., the foundation “Future of Russia” transferred to “Atlantic Council” as financial help 151 900 British pounds. Apart from that, according to the financial statement of “Future of Russia Foundation”, on “educational purposes” in 2020 Khodorkovsky provided more than 420 thousand pounds.

Report on financial activity of “Future of Russia Foundation”

Yet, his foundation pursues the aim that is directly opposite to those mention in the statute: it promotes British culture in Russia, and he promotes the part of it that they are trying now not to recall. On this back side of the British culture in 1960s was published a scientific paper written by the famous historian and social scientist, professor of the Heidelberg University Emanuel Sarkisyanz (1923 – 2015) which is called “English Roots of the German Fascism. From British to Austria-Bavarian “master race”.

The book “British Roots of the German Fascism”

The distinguished American social scientist of Russian origin Pitirim Sorokin evaluated extremely high scientific works of Sarkisyanz. The author of “English Roots” was born in the USSR in the family of an Armenian physician and actress of a Russian theater. In 1952 he received a doctor degree in the University of Chicago, was professor of political science of the South Asia Institute of the Heidelberg University. He became famous by his course of lectures on English roots of the German fascism.

“Racism received respect – beginning from the Keiser time – thanks to the prestige of its British models”, wrote Sarkysyanz. “And this conclusion can be easily corroborated by documents. Voluntary dependence from Anglo-Saxon’s directives outlived both the Wilhelm’s empire and the Third Reich. For instance, a former deputy head of the Imperial press of the Nazi Germany, even in 1955, attributed to “the majority of Germans thirty-three respectful bows” to the Brits. Assessing themselves, the Germans for two centuries had been looking at England. Goethe also made an example of the Brits: “If we would engraft to the Germans, on the model of the Brits, less love to philosophy and more energy, less interest to theory and more – to practice…” The same Goethe in “Conversations with Eckermann” noted: “The Germans struggle trying to solve philosophical problems, and at that time the Brits, with their practical mind, are laughing at us and are concurring the world”.

England was the first country, where all the population, without exception, had a national conscience. “Lord, Our Lord the Almighty, He paved a way for us up to the end of the Earth… and “if blood is the price… Lord God, we ha’ paid it in!”, wrote Kipling in 1893. Quite in accordance with the spirit of the Old Testament, Israel became for the England of Milton, the England of XVII century, an example during the conquering of Ireland.

For such English racists both of Biblical, and of socio-Darwinist art, the Celts was the same inferior race as “niggers”. According to “scientific” views of the Brits, the Celts, judging from the degree of brain development, were approaching to the Malays. The Brits, of course, had the biggest brain – if we believe in scientific researches in the field of brain by Samuel Morton. The low development level of the Celts was explained by their origin from the “Iberian-Mongoloid” race. This mixture allegedly gave birth to the lazy, noisy and unbridled Irish.

The Oxford professor of history James Antony Froude taught his students that the aborigines were inferior as a race and that slavery was a blessing for them. All these ideas completely corresponded to the teaching of Thomas Carlyle. Following the same tradition, C. Fletcher (by the way, he is also a lecturer of the University of Oxford), the author of the school textbook “Introduction to the History of England” reedited ten times (until 1954), decisively broke with “the hollow dreams of democracy” about “India, completely left at the mercy of the Jews, Indian officials, writing in English, and lawyers of Madras”.

Even allegedly scientific anthropology in 1990s defined an Anglo-Saxon as “a master by nature”, with “inborn sense of superiority”. In the “Social-Darwinist” spirit, this anthropology fostered in the first place the will of the middle class (that have already shown its pushing capabilities) to uplift. As to Germany, potential followers of Social-Darwinism belonged to less affluent segments of the population – to the group that was most vulnerable to anti-Semitism.

After Hitler’s orientation towards England won within the NSDAP (in contradiction to Otto Strasser’s orientation towards Russia and colonial people), the destiny of Germany in the Second World War was predetermined from geopolitical point of view. Predetermined was the role of Germany that Hans Grimm defined not least as a role of a “British outpost in the East”. Repeated refusal of Germany in the past “to pull chestnuts out of the fire for England” was a mistake, directly declared Hitler in his book “Mein Kampf”: The Germans should have attacked Russia as early as in 1904 in order to achieve Britain’s benevolence. It’s like this that Germany should have turned into a Britain’s sword on the continent to use against the East.“ “The ultimate aim of Hitler’s policy… consisted in joining the British Empire”: he wanted, using every possible way, to enter the world of the Brits, the most privileged of the world, first as charge d’affaires, and then as leader (wrote N. Sombart referring to Karl Schmidt).

Members of the class elite of England were celebrated as leaders, education was based on the principle of “Fuerer” which guarantied them sound contempt for democracy”. English public schools became patterns for Hitler’s Napolas, intended for selection of fuerers, leaders, example for preparation of the elite of the nation with typical for them “glorification of sport, standing higher than culture, barbaric manhood, meaning more than … achievements of the civilization”. For them, the gravest sin was to stand out (as freedom is a privilege for those who obey voluntary). The ideologist of Nazism Alfred Rosenberg reminded that both nation and state needed types, needed breeding types, so it is “improper here even to speak of personalities”.

The appearance of “holy feldwebels” awaited already Thomas Carlyle. According to his perception, they should line up in columns the poorest (and, consequently, not recognized worthy of freedom), and lead them to slavery – in accordance with something like predestination of the Old Testament – and “niggers” also were destined to be slaves “under a noble sword” within the framework of the new (to be more precise) renewed order in waiting of the coming great leader. Carlyle, without knowing himself, belonged to the voelkisch-bayreuther circle, “Hitler’s spiritual homeland”.

“This racist “cultural” heritage of Britain, described in the book of professor Sarkisyanz, is going to “promote” the “Future of Russia Foundation”. This Foundation would be more accurately called “Ahnnenerbe of Khodorkovsky”, Ahnenerbe, or “Heritage of ancestors” – this organization was created in Nazi Germany for “studying traditions, history and heritage of the Nordic race”. Judging from the manifesto “Russian Chromosome”, goals and objectives of these organizations coincide in many ways”, notes the website Prigovor.ru.

* “Future of Russia foundation”, Great Britain – organization the activities of which is recognized as undesirable on the territory of the Russian Federation by the decision of the Russian Ministry of Justice No 733-r from 30.06.2021.

** On May 20, 2022, the Russian Ministry of Justice included M.B. Khodorkovsky in the list of physical persons executing functions of a foreign agent.

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