On this day, swindlers from Yukos were pulling out yet another PR affair

On this day, swindlers from Yukos were pulling out yet another PR affair

Two guests of George Bush from a search base of Interpol. “Brudno and Dubov were among thousands of guests invited by independent organizers”. The Website Prigovor.ru reminds its readers of what happened on February 5, 2005.

On this day, on February 5, 2005, swindlers from Yukos caught the eyes of the American press. In the center of publications were two fugitive defendants of the "Yukos case" who had been "invited" to the traditional for the United States event – the so-called "Prayer Breakfast" with the participation of the acting president of the United States, in this case, George Bush-Jr. Mikhail Brudno and Vladimir Dubov, being on the Interpol wanted list, had paid money and without any difficulty had arrived in America. The lobbyist firm "APCO Worldwide”, being one of the organizers of this meeting, had decided by such a way, without realizing it, “to send a signal to Moscow”. However, instead of this, it just pointed out the United States’ complete lack of integrity with regard to international actions directed against money laundering and crimes in the domain of finance for which the United States so zealously has been calling not only Russia.

About this "very famous prayer breakfast", syrup was flowing profoundly from pages of numerous media outlets. "Today, in Washington will take place a meeting of the two Yukos shareholders, put on the international wanted list, - Mikhail Brudno and Vladimir Dubov – with members of the American administration”, said, citing the fugitive criminal Leonid Nevzlin, the website “Gazeta.ru” on the eve of the event, trying to convince readers that “Washington is interested in Yukos”.


Yet, the reality turned out to be a bit different. “At the national prayer breakfast with the participation of the president of the United States, which took place in the Washington hotel “Hilton” on Thursday, the shareholders of Yukos Mikhail Brudno and Vladimir Dubov didn't have any contacts with official persons and didn't talk to them (i.e. employees of the State Department, congressmen, senators). But, nevertheless, the very fact of their participation in the breakfast is a piece of unpleasant news for Moscow", argued the newspaper "Finansovyue Izvestiya”, stressing that on the eve of the court session in Houston such “moral support” to Yukos shareholders could not have come at a better time”.

(See also the article “A table, a chair, and a home-based worker Misamore” On this day, the firm “Yukos USA Inc” started using machinations in Texas. The firm Yukos USA Inc” was a shell company. Accounts were made “retroactively” and the article "The Texas operation under the supervision of Nevzlin" and the article "The garbage that the Yukos PR machine produces").


The main idea of almost all these ”illusionary” publications – the United States is in favor of the “main shareholders” of this “fallen into disfavor” (in reality caught embezzling”) company, despite the search of Interpol. The fugitive swindlers became their visas without a problem and they were not apprehended while entering the United States. Hints on the American “protection” were immediately presented to the world – Edward Salazar, a representative of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, said that “there are no reasons for an arrest or extradition of these people”. “In the judicial system of the United States, no accusations are filed against any of these people”, said the American ambassador in Russian Alexander Vershbow, "That is why there are no reasons to arrest them", wrote the newspaper "The New York Times". They came legally last week, they were present at the breakfast with the president Bush, said Charles Krause, the press secretary of the businessmen, adding that the gentlemen had already gone back home to Israel.

(By the way, Charles Krause had changed a lot of positions while working on the theme Yukos. He was called "representative", "public defender", "fighter for Khodorkovsky's freedom". In reality, this checklist contains only one line – an employee of the company “APCO Worldwide”.

All the significance of the visit of Dubov and Brudno to the “breakfast with Bush”, was spoiled by Margery Kraus, the head of “APCO Worldwide”. She said that, before his arrest, Khodorkovsky had come to the “prayer breakfast” in the United States and had received the invitation for this year, but could not come, so Brudno and Dubov came instead of him. "The main reason for their coming was the fact that others could not come", said she, without noticing that by this excessive glorification of Khodorkovsky she put Dubov and Brudno in an awkward position.


“The piece by Peter Backer in the newspaper “The Washington Post” (this is mentioned in a review by BBC. But the original may be found with the link to “The New York Times”) slashed down the pathos thrown at the “main shareholders”.

As a matter of fact, the author argues, “Brudno and Dubov were only two of thousands of guests who packed the Washington Hilton Hotel ballroom at the invitation of the event’s independent organizers, and Bush may not have known there were there”.

The author also pointed out that “the Russians provided old photographs of the two tycoons that make them look more like wild-eyed, bearded terrorists, pictures are now posted on Interpol’s website”.

It’s worth noting that the fugitive swindler Leonid Nevzlin didn’t go to America, although he had received an invitation to the “breakfast” with Bush. Said he was busy. It seemed that Nevzlin, the paymaster of a series of murders and attempted murders, simply didn’t know whether the warrant of Interpol would work or not. That is why he, by way of experiment, let go there two of his comrades so that they could test the terrain and decide whether America was so principal in its approach towards counteracting all types of trans-border criminality.

“It turned out that for money the United States can easily correct any declared principles. And as early as in summer 2005, Nevzlin rushed to Washington, where, if you make a “contribution", nobody would pay attention to accusations even of organizing of a series of murders and attempted murders, for which Nevzlin was sentenced to life imprisonment”, notes the website Prigovor.ru.

(See also the previous article “On this day, in Nefteyugansk a henchman of Yukos was sentenced». «Guilmanov formalized trading of marketable oil as crude oil”. Tax evasion to the amount of 3 billion 607 million 118 thousand 338 rubles and 33 kopeks.  The website Prigovor.ru reminds its reads of what happened on February 4, 2006.

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