On this day, Nevzlin was neutralizing witnesses

On this day, Nevzlin was neutralizing witnesses

In November, “Gorin said if Pichugin would not settle this question, he would go for a meeting with Nevzlin”. The website Prigovor.ru reminds its readers of what happened on November 20, 2002.

On this day 21 years ago, on November 20, 2002, from their own house were kidnapped and killed the marriage partners Sergei and Olga Gorin.

From the materials of the case. The episode “Nurder of the Gorins”

  1. “In the mid-November 2002, Gorin called (a witness) and said that he had to go to Moscow, as Pichugin had said that the question of his employment is settled definitely. Before his trip, Gorin said that if Pichugin would not settle the issue, he would go for a meeting with Nevzlin, explaining that Nevzlin was “the grey cardinal” of the Yukos company and that he, Gorin, in particular, had also settled Nevzlin’s questions”.
  2. “The motive of the murder of the Gorins’ married couple is to prevent the distribution of the dangerous for Pichugin and his entourage information on committed murders. Thereat, organizers of the murders knew that this information was at the disposal of the married couple, and that it (information) could be in the house or in some other place known to them in written, electronic, audio, and video formats. Thus, the killing of the spouses Gorin was committed for the purpose of finding the volume of the known information and the withdrawal of data storage device with this information and well as murdering its owners”, pointed out the public prosecutors speaking during the proceedings.

Dmitry Gorin tells a reporter of the website Prigovor.ru about how his parents were killed.


On June 21, 2003 employees of the Office of the Prosecutor General in connection with this case arrested Alexey Pichugin, the head of the 4th Department of inner and economic security of Yukos, and already on June 26, 2003, a corresponding charge was served on him – the murder of Sergei and Olga Gorin.

Then, in August 2003, three more episodes were added to this case:

- on October 5, 1998 – a battering took place of Sergei Kolesov, an employee of “Rosprom”:

- on November 28, 1998 – an attempted murder was committed on an employee of the Moscow Mayor Office Olga Kostina, near the flat of her parents a bomb went off.

The fourth episode imputed to Puchigin – a murder threat directed against the entrepreneur Sergei Lobikov – is dated 2002. During the court proceedings in 2004, on the application of the defense, it was dismissed because the state of limitation was expired.


Within the second unit of the indictment, filed in April 2005, emerged another series of episodes of the criminal activity of Alexey Pishugin who had acted at the behest of Leonid Nevzlin.

- January 21, 1998 – the killing of Valentina Korneyeva, the director of the trading firm "Feniks”;

- June 26, 1998 – the murder of the Nefteyugansk’s mayor Vlamivir Petukhov;

- November 24, 1998 – the first attempted murder on Yevgeny Rybin, the head of the company “East Petroleum Handelsgas GmbH”;

- March 5, 1999 – the second attempted murder on Yevgeny Rabin.

As the investigation found out, and the courts held the position of the public prosecutor as proven, the criminal chain on the line “ordering party – executors” looked like that:

“The “main shareholder” of the company Yukos Leonid Nevzlin gave orders to Alexei Pichugin, an employee of the company’s Security service. In his turn, Pichugin, through his channels, engaged executors from members of bandit groups of Tambov and Volgograd regions. And when Pichugin says "I did not commit crimes", there is a certain criminal logic in that – he himself did not run with an assault rifle, did not lay bombs, did not bat anybody. He simply organized a criminal process, through his contacts.

One of these contacts of Pichugin was Sergei Gorin. In the course of their mutual criminal affairs, Sergei Gorin, eventually, had gathered information that could have been dangerous not only for Pichugin, but also for the leadership of Yukos. As the result of the Gorin’s activity, who had decided to play in his own interests and had been hinting that the dangerous data could be made public, a decision was taken in Yukos pertaining to his physical neutralization. A special role in this story played a meeting of Gorin with Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s father at which were discussed not only possible employment of Gorin in Yukos structures but also episodes of the criminal activity of "the most transparent" oil company.

Boris Khodorkovsky himself makes believe he "doesn't remember anything", and during interrogations makes use of the constitutional right not to witness against himself and his relatives.

(See also the article “Pichugin organized at the direction of Nevzlin murders of 5 persons and attempted murders on 7 persons”, and article "Nevzlin L.B.'s bloody price list").

“At the end of the day, on the totality of all criminal episodes, Pichugin was sentenced to a life imprisonment, as well as the escaped to Israel "serial cardinal of murders” Leonid Nevzlin, who had given orders to commit murders and attempted murders. As to Mikhail Khodorkovsky, he was arrested in absentia and put on a wanted list. To him is also imputed the attempted murder of Yevgeny Rybin and the murder of the Nefteyugansk’s mayor Vladimir Petukhov”, notes the website Prigivir.ru.

(See also the previous article “On this day, Yukos was faced with taxes hidden in 2003”. The scale of theft became transparent. The whole sum of tax claims towards Yukos for 2003 was to the amount of 169 billion 947 million 112 thousand 609 rubles. The website Prigovor.ru reminds its readers of what happened on November 19, 2004.

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