On this day, a prize was awarded to the swindler Khodorkovsky

On this day, a prize was awarded to the swindler Khodorkovsky

The Polish foundation named after the ex-president Walesa has rewarded the tax trickster for “the resolve in creating the basis of economic freedom”. The website Prigovor.ru reminds its readers of what happened on September 27, 2013.

10 years ago, in September 2013, the oil and tax trickster Mikhail Khodorkovsky received “the prize of Lech Walesa”. Its official name is as follows: "For courage in promoting the values of civil society and uncompromising position in the struggle for justice and human dignity”.

In fact, the resolve of Khodorkovsky, as we know, was related to fraud, embezzlement, and money laundering.

It was announced that the commemorative token and check for 100,000 US dollars would receive his son Pavel Khodorkovsky who would come from the United States for this occasion as his father at that time was serving his sentence in jail.

Indeed, the son of Khodorkovsky came to Poland, to Gdansk, where the movement “Solidarnosc” was born, and received the prize from the hands of Lech Walesa. Taking the check for 100 thousand US dollars, given by the bank “Polski”, Pavel Khodorkovsky, the son of the oligarch, promised that the received prize "in any case, would be spent on charity". Although nobody has recalled the destiny of this prize, the main thing here is not the check, but the principle.

This principle is simple: the liberal crowd of the West, as a matter of fact, occupied the system of “human rights values” and “independent” assessment of such activity. Then, it devalued this system in its essence by giving to dubious persons and criminals rewards, including various checks and insignia. If there were no such "occupation", Khodorkovsky would have never received such a prize, and, on the contrary, any donations from his part would have been rejected, as several organizations in the United States had done even before the criminal records of the oligarch.

Because the wording of the nomination itself in which Khodorkovsky “distinguished” himself, would have been formulated like this: for inflicting financial damage to the Russian Federation”, for buying up and using for personal ends the "the institutions of civic society”, and most important – for “the resolve in laying the groundwork for economic freedom” which has taken the form of theft, massive tax evasion, and money laundering. Not to mention the struggle of the Yukos management for "justice and human dignity" by way of masterminding attempted murders and contract killings.

(See also the article “Pichugin organized at the direction of Nevzlin murders of 5 persons and attempted murders on 7 persons”.

In such a wording, with the transcripts of every criminal episode, giving an ”award” to Khodorkovsky would have looked quite truthful, all the more so because all the mentioned above have been confirmed by numerous volumes of criminal cases and court verdicts.

Secret influence of “civic society”

Apart from that, the prize of the Polish “Solidarnosc” is very symbolic for Khodorkovsky as for a man who was very afraid of “the American hook”.

Such “hooks” can be different – one can be called to account for tricks with American stockholders, one can be included in a history of money laundering, but one can be given a prize. History is the best witness of that.

There is a document from the period of the “cold war” which was included in the book of the American political analyst Seth G. Jones “Covert Actions: Reagan, the CIA and the Cold War Struggle in Poland, 2018). Extracts from it were published in the Russian newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. The cost sheet for Walesa’s movement.

“In December 1983, John H. Stein, deputy director of the CIA, sent a memo demanding to immediately enhance the financing of “Solidarnosc”. The cost sheet looked like this:

- $600 thousand – for “communication hardware”;

- $300 thousand – for “print production”;

- $100 thousand – for “helping political prisoners and their families”;

- $500 thousand – for ex-members of “Solidarnosc” living in exile in the West;

- more than $400 thousand – for “propaganda”.

For all this the CIA had a “special budget for emergency purposes”, approved by the US Congress.

Since then the progress has gone “so far” that there is little change in approaches and methods of “Khodorkovsky’s friends”.  Even the structure of expenditure on “civil society” has been nearly the same. The same are the romantic fairy tales about human values. This along wouldn't be a problem, but “heroes” of this initially useful for the society idea are more and more dubious”, notes the website Prigovor.ru.

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