On this day, the mastermind of murders Nevzlin entrenched in Israel

On this day, the mastermind of murders Nevzlin entrenched in Israel

Splashed Yukos with blood and escaped. “Nevzlin is on very friendly terms with Ministers Nathan Scharansky and Avigdor Liberman. For Israel, Nevzlin is simply a purse. The website Prigovor.ru reminds its readers of what happened on November 6, 2003.

On this day 20 years ago, on November 6, 2003, from the Israeli press it became known that the fugitive mastermind of murders and attempted murders – Leonid Nevzlin – received Israeli citizenship “on general terms”, but the public had questions.


“The Israeli authorities said that Leonid Nevzlin received the citizenship on general terms, but, becoming an Israeli citizen, he doesn’t automatically receive the defense from possible extradition to Moscow”, was pointed out in news reports.

In response to the statement of the Ministry of Interior of Israel about the “passportization” of the fugitive Nevzlin, the president of the Israeli Parliament committee on aliyah and absorption (deals with the adaptation of immigrants in the country) Colette Avital directed an inquiry to the government of the country "about Nevzlin case”. She addressed Minister of the Interior Avraham Poraz and Minister of Absorption Tzipi Livni with a question: “Is the state in the future going to give citizenship to those tycoons who are suspected of committing crimes in the country of exodus?” Explaining her position, the member of Parliament pointed to the speed of the procedure in Nevzlin’s case.

“In his case, the procedure was special. I can’t say whether this man is guilty or not guilty, but when we immediately give citizenship to a person whose name is being mooted in connection with such a scandal, then it is strange. On what ground? Suddenly, overnight, he has become a devoted Zionist and received citizenship. We have to ask - why?"

The leader of the opposition Labor party Colette Avital pointed out the speed of the decision of question with citizenship “depends on a concrete case, but normally it takes two or three months. I don’t know what procedure was implemented in this case (with Nevzlin), perhaps, there was a serious reason for haste. But I want to know it as a citizen of Israel and as a lawmaker”. “Nevzlin is on very friendly terms with the descendants from Russia Nathan Sharansky and Avigdor Liberman”, pointed out the deputy, whereat not excluding such connections could help to settle the issue.

The question about the speed of receiving the documents didn’t emerge accidentally. As early as November 5, 2003, the Israeli Ministry of the Interior reported that "Nevzlin came to the country a week ago and at once presented a petition to grand him Israeli citizenship. On Sunday, his petition was satisfied”.

Nevzlin came to Israel a bit earlier than a week before receiving the documents, and already at the beginning of October, he presented his documents and applied for citizenship. And all these flaws in commentaries are either slip of the tongue or difficulties of translation. Still, it’s not that important what the Israeli Ministry of the Interior was guided by, looking at the calendar. Important are here other circumstances, including not only various readings, but also money, without which the series paymaster of murders Leonid Nevzlin would have been nourished with doughnuts only on holidays, not to mention credibility to his stories.


In Israel, they, naturally, understood everything, but they refused to provide a particular juristic support to Russia. All the more so, that Nevzlin spared no expense – in the Jerusalem University was opened the Center of studying East European Jewry named after…Nevzlin. After Nathan Sharansky, that Minister without portfolio responsible for the Jerusalem social and Jewish diaspora affairs, asked Nevzlin to finance the Museum of diaspora – Nevzlin lavished money. The first payment was to the tune of 1.5 million U.S. dollars.

Then he reacted to the request of the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Nevzlin donated to the development of this institution an additional $1.1 million and declared his intention to provide for this purpose additional 20 million shekels.

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“If the fact that the Moscow City Court adjudged Nevzlin guilty of committing crimes on charges of organizing murders and attempted murders (Articles 30, 33 and 105 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation), embarrassed Israeli leadership, then only in the beginning, after that the affair became tedious, first of all, because of donations. However, the passed sentence also confirms – Israel hides from justice the fugitive mastermind of murders and attempted murders”, notes the website Prigovor.ru.

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