'The Court considers Nevzlin extremely dangerous…'

'The Court considers Nevzlin extremely dangerous…'

NK YUKOS is bankrupt, 70% of the total amount of the company's debts are taxes. Open Russia NGO - misuse of funds and tax sanctions. Recognize as dangerous: the fugitive Leonid Nevzlin is the organizer of contract murders and assassination attempts. What happened on August 1, 2006, 2007, 2008

Taxes – 70% of the whole sum of debt of the Oil-Company YUKOS

On that day 16 years ago, August 1, 2006, Moscow City Arbitration Court declared bankrupt the JSC NK YUKOS and appointed bankruptcy proceedings for one year. Pavel Markov, Judge of the Moscow Arbitration Court, read out in certain meaning a historic ruling:

'Recognize the JSK YUKOS as bankrupt; impose for a period of one year a procedure of bankruptcy administration'. In so doing, the Court supported the decision made on the eve of that during the creditors' meeting with regard to the necessity to declare bankrupt the Oil-Company Yukos.

Only the amount of debt of the company confirmed by the Court exceeded 491 billion rubles. Among the main creditors, there were not only industrial and financial enterprises but also the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation which demanded to pay debts of the Oil-Company YUKOS amounting to 353.8 billion rubles, and that was 70% of the company's debt.

In any country of the world, tax crimes are regarded as capital sin, connected with ruthless terms of punishment and with the same amount of punitive measures. 'Effective investors' from YUKOS were well aware of that. However, they were convinced that Russia was for them not more than 'a hunting territory', including financial, so they decided that here it was possible not to pay taxes at all. But, after many years, the state has drawn up serious bills for them.

'Absent at the address, no contact telephone numbers'

15 years ago, on August 1, 2007, The Moscow Arbitration Court read out the operative part of the court case No. A40-14050/2007.

The court proceedings dealt with tax questions in connection with Mikhail Khodorkovsky's project 'Open Russia' (created in 2003, ruled undesirable organization). This case dealt with the question of collecting from this organization tax penalties to the tube of 4 989 013 rubles.

During the court proceedings and analyses of documents, it was established that the sum of the donations in 2004 amounted to 20 000 000 US dollars (in ruble equivalent with account of revaluations and differences of the exchange rate – 575 670 000 rubles).

The sum of the money spent only in 2004 amounted to 531.3 million rubles which became a sensation sui generis – the leaders of this 'transparent' non-governmental organization preferred not to specifically expatiate upon the money spent.

Apart from that, In the course of the trial, another fact was confirmed – the fact of non-purpose use by the 'Open Russia' of cash assets in the volume of 52.3 rubles. This money was siphoned off for cashing out to short-lived companies - JSC 'YTM', JSC 'Kovboi', JSC 'Lavka Navigatora', 'Obschestvennyi Dogovor', JSC 'Konsalting Prof', JSC KTs 'Otkrytiye', JSC 'Averstil', JSC 'Parnas' , JSC 'Delovaya Initsiativa'. While trying to find all these firms, taxmen came to the following conclusion – they are 'not located at the given address, there are no contact telephone numbers, impossible to carry out a cross-audit.

As the result, the presented materials of the financial verification of the International public organization 'Open Russia' gave the court ample reasons to make a decision, which the senior management of it didn't particularly like, as it owed to the taxmen 4 898 013 rubles.

During all these years the Interregional public organization 'Open Russia' has had, perhaps, a dozen of financial disputes of that kind, and that is why until now it has still a serious trailing debt tail in the amount of 13 988 295.44 rubles. About this the forgetful liberal activists are reminded by the Federal Bailiff Service of the Russian Federation.

'All crimes Leonid Nevzlin organized in the interests of the company YUKOS…'

14 years ago, on August 1, 2008, The Moscow City Court passed a sentence durante absentia concerning Leonid Nevzlin, who absconded from the Russian public justice.

According to the party of charge, during the period from 1998 to 2002, members of this organized group by orders of Nevzlin executed murders of the director of the Limited Partnership 'TF 'Feniks' Valentina Korneeva, head of the administration of the town Nefteyugansk of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous region Vladimir Petukhov, thereat his security guard Vyacheslav Kokoshkin was wounded (he is still physically handicapped), as well as Nikolay Fedotov, personal driver of Evgeniy Rybin, director of the company 'East Petroleum Handelsgez m.b.H'. The same group carried our attempted murders on Olga Kostina, head of the Public relations department of the Moscow Mayor's Office, Viktor Kolesov, executive officer of the CJSC 'Rosprom', Evgenyi Rybin, executive officer of the company 'East Petroleum Handelsgez m.b.H' as well as on his security guards Alexey Ivanov and Yevgeniy Filippov.

'Nevzlin is convicted of organizing attempted murders on:

1) Kolesov V.l., executive officer of the CJSC ‘Rosprom',

2) Kostina O.N., head of the Department of public relations of the Moscow Mayor's Office,

3) Rybin Y.L., executive officer of the company 'East Petroleum Handelsgez m.b.H',

4) Ivanov A.Y.,

5) Filippov Y.l.,

6) Kokoshkin Y.V.

Nevzlin L.B. is accused of organizing murders of:

7) the couple Gorin,

8) Fedotov N.V.,

9) Koreneva V.A.,

10) Petukhov V.A., head of the town Nefteyugansk – all this the Office of the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation stated in a request to the Ministry of Justice of Israel pertaining to 'extradition for facing criminal charges of Nevzlin Leonid Borisovich, citizen of the Russian Federation, hiding of the territory of the state of Israel'.

Accomplices of Nevzlin's crimes, Pichugin, and others persons, have been already accused and sentenced to different terms of imprisonment. According to the results of the investigation, all these crimes Leonid Nenzlin organized in the interest of the company YUKOS. 'The Court regards Nevzlin as extremely dangerous for a society and sentences him to life-long imprisonment', pointed out the judge that read out the verdict.

The Judge also said that, according to the law, the term of the Nevzlin imprisonment would be counted from the day of his actual apprehension. Apart from a life-long sentence, the Court held to collect from the accused in favor of the complainants more than 5.5 million rubles.

Then, on August 1, 2008, the defense lawyer of Nevzlin expressed a well-rehearsed lawyer's scepsis as to the results of the legal trial saying that his client 'was guilty of nothing'. As to Nevzlin himself, he, staying in Israel, narrated about 'flagrant Stalin's repressions', and adding that this life-long verdict 'would have no effect on him' outside Russia. Nevertheless, in order to avoid plausible problems, particularly in the field of security, this fugitive criminal meticulously provides for himself a very strict way of living and has engaged for that purpose a whole squadron of peepers and security guards. He has been living in such a way for many years now – allegedly in freedom, but still under custody'.

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