On this day, the State Department took care of the rights of tax criminals from Yukos

On this day, the State Department took care of the rights of tax criminals from Yukos

“In the shares of our company are invested Pension Funds money of five American states and it means that American pensioners are becoming big pensions”. The website Prigovor.ru reminds its readers of what happened on November 1, 2003.

On this day 18 years ago, on November 1, 2003, a representative of the U.S. State Department made a statement. “We think that Russian authorities must dispel apprehensions that the Yukos case is politically motivated. They must guarantee that the reviewing of it in court proceeds without bias and in full accordance with the law applied indiscriminately".

The shill press was inspired. Everything is like in the classic novel – “Brace yourselves! Abroad will help us. The sole problem – public opinion”.

Richard Boucher from the State Department demanded to dispel apprehensions” and to “provide guarantees of fair court, guaranties that legal procedural norms will be observed without bias".

However, Americans were not that preoccupied with the destiny of the tax swindler Mr. Khodorkovsky. "From the statement of the State Department it is clear that for the West the turning point was namely the arrest of the shares, and not the placement of Mikhail Khodorkovsky to the pre-trial detention facility "Matrosskaya Tishina”, said the resentful website “Gazeta.ru”.

“The name of Khodorkovsky is not mentioned, and this is easy to explain; formally, the indictments brought against him, are not connected with Yukos, and any doubt of the Western officials about the correctness of the work of the Russian judicial system would be interference in the internal affairs of our county, and the same Boucher as early as on Tuesday said he would not comment judicial aspects of this case”, pointed out this media outlet.

Next gave tongue also Germany pointing out, in the person of Gerhard Schröder, that “for successful integration of the Russian economy in the world economy the country needs judicial certainty”.

Loose commentators in the West, having lost the sense of reality and manners, threaten Russia with “God’s punishments”. For instance, Richard Perle, consultant of the Pentagon, in an interview with the newspaper “The Wall Street Journal”, in no uncertain terms, said Russia had no place in the "big eight". Commenting on the Yukos case, Perle in an interview with the news channel "Fox" argued that Moscow "was moving in the wrong direction".

“In the shares of our and yours company money is invested of Pension Funds of the five American States, and it means that American pensioners are becoming big pensions. And one of our investors is, actually, the Pension Fund of the Pentagon”, said with pride Mikhail Khodorkovsky who had chocked with his tax tricks the city Nefteyugansk, for the joy of the Pentagon and such persons as Richard Perle.

(See the documental investigation of the TV channel NTV “Murder as present).

Certainly, none of the commentators went to the bottom of the problem – to the reason of the arrest, and, all the more, to the essence of the criminal case. As to the shares, they were frozen in order to cover the damage to the tune of 1 billion U.S dollars, which had been inflicted to the state by the leadership of the Oil Company Yukos, by financial machinations and tax crimes.

The essence of the criminal case was reflected in the charges brought against Khodorkovsky under seven Articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. But nobody was interested in that. That is why in the same choir of Yukos defenders got exposed as well European liberals screaming about “’the blatant retreat from the norms of the rule of law”.

It turned out that the West, on the tip from official Washington, under the guise of the preoccupation about the "rule of law in Russia", started to openly cover tax criminals and offshore swindlers with whom it called to fight all countries, including Russia, arranging in this connection many-days shows.

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In the summer of 2004, Richard A. Boucher, assistant secretary of State responsible for public relations, once more recalled the Yukos case and Khodorkovsky. And it was during that briefing that an indicative dialogue took place showing that for the United States important are not details, but the direction of loud statements. So, let’s look and the transcript of the briefing.

Boucher says "we've been following the situation in Russia with regard to Mr. Khodorkovsky and the situation with Yukos very closely". He says a lot, in a florid style, and general phrases.

“Question: Besides being concerned, what are we doing? I mean how high up you raise this? And also, you didn’t say anything about Mr. Khodorkovsky’s personal situation. And when he first was taken into custody, you spoke more about your concern about how he may be treated. That was now many, many months ago.

Mr. Boucher: It has been many months. He’s been in jail, released and there’ve been several permutations of this. I thought he was out for a while. Maybe, I’m – maybe I’m in error on that”.

Question: He’s in that little cell sometimes, or inside the courtroom?

Boucher: Maybe, I had that one wrong. But I think, you know, if I remember back to the beginning of this, certainly we would be concerned about Mr. Khodorkovsky himself, but the key is he gets due process…”

“So, without regaining consciousness, the assistant secretary of State defended swindlers and tax criminals. Let’s recall also that Khodorkovsky, through offshores, bought as well a group of American politicians. It turned out to be as the in the “red lamp” quarters, where services are rendered to anybody – even to murderers – provided one pays”, noted the website Prigovor.ru.

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