Serial murderer Leonid Nevzlin got into a rage

Serial murderer Leonid Nevzlin got into a rage

The website has assessed mass media activity of the former Yukos co-owner, and is wondered why this serial wetwork man is still not named foreign agent and extremist.

Exactly 20 years ago, on June 19, 2003, the head of the security service of the company Yukos Alexey Pichugin was apprehended for organizing several contract murders.  On this ‘jubilee’ day, the former co-owner of Yukos Leonid Nevzlin who personally gave orders to kill undesirable persons, has burst into laudation in honor of the murderer.

Leonid Nevzlin’s tearful posting

‘Twenty catastrophic and awful years, stolen from a man who is absolutely innocent. They have been stolen from him, from his mother, from his family’, says, trying to squeeze out a tear, Nevzlin who has versed himself during all these years in the art of verbiage. In immigration, the former oligarch has mastered the second profession - that of a blogger, and, day in day out, has been repeating phrases of the same meaning changing only words order. So, Pichugin has become just another pretext to tell about this ‘mafia-like sub-empire’, as the main concern of Nevzlin is he himself, a person guiltlessly suffered from “Putin’s criminal regime’.

Well, such a round anniversary is a good reason to remind our readers of the fact that Leonid Nevzlin himself was sentenced in absentia to life-long imprisonment, and no court instance has been able to help him.

The appellate decision of the Moscow City Court


 ‘Pichugin, at the behest of Nevzlin, has executed the organization of murder of five persons and attempted murder of seven persons’.

Once, the agency published ‘Nevzlin’s bloody price-list’, a letter of the Office of the Prosecutor General of Russia addressed at Israeli Justice Ministry with regard to the extradition of Nevzlin:

‘The Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation pays homage to Your agency, and, concurrently, sends additional information on the grounds regarding the earlier sent request on extradition in order to bring to criminal responsibility the citizen of the Russian Federation Nevzlin Leonid Borisovich who is hiding from the investigation on the territory of the state of Israel.

Nevzlin L.B. is accused of attempted murder of:

- 1) executive officer of the OJSC ‘Rosprom’ Kolesov V.L.,

- 2) head of the public relations department of the Moscow City Hall Kostina O.N.,

- 3) manager of the company ‘East Petroleum Handelzges m.b.H’ Rybin Y.L.,

- 4) Ivanov A.Y.,

- 5) Filippov Y.L.,

- 6) Kokoshkin Y.V.

Nevzlin L.B. is accused of organizing murder of:

- 7) the married couple Gorins.,

- 8) Fedotov N.V.,

- 9) Korneyeva V.A.,

- 10) head of the town Nefteyugansk Petukhov V.A.

During preliminary investigation, this criminal case was united in one proceeding with the following criminal cases:

- on attempted murder of the manager of the company ‘East Petroleum Handelsges m.b.H’ Rybin Y.l. filed on November 24, 1999, suggesting elements of the crime under Article 30, paragraph 3, Article 105, paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Supplement No 6).

- on murder of Ms. Korneyeva V.A. filed om January 21, 1998, on the grounds of evidence of elements of crime under Article 105, paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Supplement No 6).

- on murder of the head of the town Nefteyugansk Petukhov V.A. and attempted murder of Kokoshkin V.Y. filed on June 26, 1998, of the grounds of evidence of elements of crime under Article 105, paragraph 2, subparagraphs ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘z’ of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Supplement No 7).

The Israeli justice ignored this request.

On August 1, 2008, by the verdict of the Moscow City Court, Nevzlin was found guilty of ordering a series of murders and attempted murders of five persons. “Pichugin, at the direction of Nevzlin, organized murders of five persons, and attempted murders of seven people”. ‘For the totality of the committed crimes, impose on Nevzlin L.B. final penalty in form of life-long imprisonment with serving of the term in a high-security correctional colony. The level of restrictions shell be upheld – confinement under guard. The term of serving the punishment for Nevzlin L.B. is to be counted from the moment of his actual apprehension and taken to custody after the search”, says the verdict of the court which was passed in absentia.


Having moved to Israel, Nevzlin decided to increase the qualification of a serial wetwork man to the level of multi-tasking media-killer using both social media and some Western media outlets. His professional journalistic helplessness Nevzlin made up in spades with artistic qualities of his rotten nature – lying for him is just like rolling off a log. However, you can judge by yourselves having seen our little selection of Nevzlin’s gems.

‘It’s completely right that the word ‘Russia’ should also go away from the name, and another type of confederation of independent peoples would emerge, without pedaling of the word ‘Russia’, in which Russia, for example, Russian regions, can enter with a part or parts of them’ ( **

‘In Putin’s Russia, president’s messages are kind of cross between bureaucratic slapstick and demonstration for the assembled crowd, to the scum-people at the same time…’ (Telegram Channel murderers).

‘It’s necessary to put an ‘iron dome’ over Russia so that this substance would not flow anywhere and would not stink after what they have made and continue to make’ (the website of Gordon)”. **

“Today, one can say this: Slavic world is, actually, all Slavic peoples after deducing Russia. Prague, Warsaw; Kiev are the same symbols of democracy as Washington, London, Paris. Today’s Russia is a mortal enemy of this Slavdom’ (Telegram channel murderers).

And quite recently, Nevzlin went completely berserk. In his telegram channel (kind of his own nuthouse) he formulated 10 mind-bogglingly heinous and nasty assertions. From his mad demands on Western society: ‘To inflict a complete defeat upon Russian in Ukraine’, ‘Eliminate Putin and his entourage, perhaps, physically, without thinking of possible consequences. ‘Stop to be afraid of the threat of using nuclear weapons by Russia. And in case of its use, to respond in such a way that nobody and never will have that willingness and possibility to use it’. ‘To force Israel to side with the coalition against Russia’

In general, this is a diagnosis. There is an explanation to the deformed imagination of bloodstained Nevzlin – he is insanely afraid that circumstances in the world will take such a turn that he will be, at the end of the day, extradited to Russia where he will be immediately sent to serve his well-deserved sentence. So, in order not to sit in prison, Leonid is ready to turn Russia into nuclear ash. ‘Victory to us! Long live Ukraine!’ – so ends his suicidal posting this serial ordering customer and organizer of Yukos murders.

And here comes a question – why this person is not yet labeled as foreign agent and extremist?

The website has already proved that the former president of the ‘Russian Jewish Congress’, head of the board of guardians of the Jewish agency ‘Sochnut’ Leonid Nevzlin openly supports Ukrainian Nazism (See the article ‘Gardian Nevzlin admitted to financing the Nazi regiment ‘Azov’). And now, this serial murderer, in his madness, has told not simply a lot of things, but also enough for specific extremist Articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Perhaps, the Justice Ministry of the Russian Federation holds that the status of a foreign agent is not compatible with a life-long sentence? But the ordering customer of murders Leonid Nevzlin, his social media, are constantly mentioned by numerous Russian mass media, but, at the same time, they forget to tell their readers that he is a rascal. It’s high time to correct this injustice, first of all, in the name of the victims died at the behest of Nevzlin and Pichugin.

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