Sergey Mavrody: “There is blood on Khodorkovsky”

Sergey Mavrody: “There is blood on Khodorkovsky”

I have got a completely clean-cut impression that everything that one imputed Khodorkovsky is true. That there were murders connected with Yukos", said the well-known swindler from the company MMM.

Internet, as it is known, remembers everything. Yet another proof of it is a video recently emerged in Telegram channels and on that had been placed 12 years ago on the web, on which the late Sergey Mavrodi Yevgeny Lesnoy, a journalist of the channel, about his attitude towards Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

The website has made for the history a transcript of the evidence of the famous swindler from the company MMM about another well-known swindler from Yukos.


Sergey Mavrodi (further S.M.): There is blood on Khodorkovsky in general. That is why, what an approach I can have towards him? I have a negative approach towards people on which there is blood. In other words, business is business, so he stole, covered – that is his problem. Who is without sin? I sat in prison with people, in this special block, so just together with murderers, on oil, it was like that…

Journalist Yevgeny Lesnoy (further J.): On the murder of Perukhov, the mayor of the town Nefteyugansk?

S.M.: Yes, Vladimir Petukhov, on Nefteyugansk. You know, I sat with them. I talked to them. I sat with them rather long. Plus, I with several people on this case, plus, a read the criminal case. Because, so, when the case is closing, one becomes a copy of the criminal case, so that you can get acquainted with it. And they let me read this case. And I made a completely clean-cut impression that everything is true that one imputes to Khodorkovsky. That there were murders connected with Yukos. The thing is, that I, I say it once more, talked to these people…

J.: Who were these people who were accused?

S.M.: Details impress in all this story. I can say it on camera – don’t be afraid of anybody. We have no mafia at all. We have in general… so. This is a mess. As my cell-mate said – there is a mess, on all levels… That is how the murder of the Nefteyugansk’s mayor was carried out.

J.: Beginning with the contract?

S.M.:  Here is all successive chain. Nevzlin summons Pichugin.

J.: We have this Pichugin, who is he?

S.M. He has now also got a life-long. The head of the Security service (the head of one of the departments of the Security service – editorial comment). And he says that one has to sort him out, that so-called mayor. So, perhaps, for Nevzlin, the satiation is like that, that this tough KGB-man, he will now gather the same tough guys, tougher than that, and they will settle the problem in a crack. In fact, Pichugin calls his pal in Volgograd, some cheap con man, and says: "We have to find someone". This guy finds someone, some cheap criminal, with whom I sat in prison…

J.: You sat just with him?

S.M.: This criminal finds his pal who nobody knew, neither Pichugin, nor that man. And they take up to carry out this.

J.: And what sum of money was mentioned for the elimination?

S.M.: The sum of two hundred thousand was dispensed. And it was done by this very man, by Nevzlin. But actual doers became three or five thousand each, I don't remember exactly, all the rest was stolen by contact men. As a result, these actual doers didn't have enough money to buy guns. They went there with a broken assault rifle. They said, well, give us money so that we can buy at least some TT handgun, something normal. No, there is no money. Later, as it was found out, everything was stolen on the way.

Moreover, the senselessness in all astounds. Because, in the end, all of them were put to prison. Including those who stole – all middlemen. And they what, they didn't understand that if these were caught, everybody will sit. All the same. The most important is to steal.

J.: The most important, is a human life, so to say.

S.M.: They came to this town Nefteyugansk. One of them says: “We started to stalker him. So, they showed us this man. We see he is with some bodyguards. He enters somewhere in the Mayor’s office. I come to a female and say – listen, who is this man, in general? She says: “Who is he? He is our mayor”. I connected there with that.

J.: It means, when the contract was made, they even didn’t know who? Only a photo was shown, and that’s all?

S.M.: Yes, how it’s is possible, he is a mayor, to begin with. It's not your business, who he is – mayor or not a mayor. You have received the contract – do it now. Why did you start to find out who he is? You see, that's the level of this complete mess. As the result, he says, took this assault rifle and went to the forest to check it out. I, says he, I hit the target as a super-sportsman, I hit the target from any distance, and here I shoot, and the bullet goes somewhere, in and out, it means, from this assault rifle it's not possible to perform, at all. And my partner says, I don't care, I will shoot. And this partner was shown on TV, like, some special forces. What special forces? He was in a construction battalion. All in all, on Monday, they did it, that person…

J.: The shot Petukhov?

S.M. Petukhov, yes. Later, they also did that man, Rybin. As to Rybin, it was a loud case, he owed money to Yukos, in fact, Yukos owed some money, so they decided to eliminate him, so that not to pay. There were two attempted murders, both were unsuccessful, Rybin himself survived, but…

J.: Nevzlin also summoned, did he?

S.M.: This one says to me the following, I say it once again, that is what I heard, he personally saw Nevzlin and Pichugin. He didn’t see Khodorkovsky. When they were busy with this mayor of Nefteyugansk, they were told, well done, it is good that it was made on this day. And that was the birthday of Khodorkovsky Mikhail Borisovich.

Apart from that, a woman was killed, and yet another episode, the third one. A woman was killed, what’s her name, Korneyeva, if I remember well. She was the owner there… this is an example of what was it like with Yukos. And this woman, she owned the shop “Chay” (Tea) on the Pokrovka street, as I recall,  and so someone there decided… Yukos needed these premises. They proposed everything that she wanted so that she would get a comparable space. The price of the question there was one hundred thousand. For Yukos, it was really kopeks.

But they were already so great, so tough, so they decided not to pay at all, and preferred to kill her. And it was done there on a high level. He said, we came there, I spoke later with one who drove, he was half-drunk, he then drank there another glass of vodka, went up, and drove away. He went down and says, it's all done, let's go. As to materials of the case, he went up. Either he rang at the door, or they were near the apartment, just coming out, and he shot her in front of her husband. To her husband, he said, keep silent, then got into the car, and drove away. All this for 100 thousand dollars. How can one refer to this? To the same Khodorkovsky, after that.

Moreover, people said that the money to the actual doer and middlemen was given out by the father of Khodorkovsky, which means, that he could be posted. This emerged in the course of the proceedings, and the resonance in the society was horrifying, that, sort of, very nearly like a godfather. And, by the way, there is nothing to be amazed at, if Khodorkovsky dealt with all this, so why would not his father be posted”, said Sergey Mavrody in an interview with the journalist of the channel “” Yevgeny Lesnoy.

“Such voices from the past catch up with the hiding from justice “transparent and fluffy” former owners of Yukos”, noted the website

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