On this day, Yukos manipulated a court in Houston

On this day, Yukos manipulated a court in Houston

In a court in Texas, a Russian company was replaced by an American shell firm. "Garbage produced by the PR machine of Yukos". The website Prigovor.ru reminds its readers of what happened on January 28, 2005.

On this day 19 years ago, on January 28, 2005, the agency Reuters dispatched through its channels sensational news – "The Federal Bankruptcy Court of Texas's Southern district on its regular session decided to take under its control the main part of the pecuniary means belonging to the Russian company Yukos and accommodated in the United States. It was a trap set by Yukos swindlers themselves.

According to the agency, Judge Letitia Clark satisfied a request from lawyers of the company to hand over under the control of the court 21 from 27 million U.S. dollars what Yukos earlier had transferred to the accounts of two Texas banks. The lawyers of Yukos said during the proceedings that this measure was necessary to protect the interest of the company from encroachments of the Russian government. From now on, the excess to these means is possible only by a decision of the Houston court. On Yukos accounts in Texas’s banks remain another 6 million dollars that the company has been using to cover expenses connected with the court's case, as well as to make current transactions. As Bruce Misamore, Yukos managing director, said talking to reporters, on the Russian accounts of the company “there are still insignificant sums of money”, but he could not present specific data, pointed out reporters.


Interestingly enough, editorial boards of numerous respectable publications, that time and again had written about the powerful oil corporation with the biggest financial turnovers, with its spending on charity to the amount of “100 million dollars a year” and shareholder-billionaires, didn’t ask themselves about small, by Yukos standards, sums that figure in the Texas proceedings. Probably, something hampered them to study carefully the materials of the case and the firm that had filed the case, but, at the same time, they reported about a powerful battle of Yukos in the American court.

The real situation was obvious – foreign henchman of Khodorkovsky, under the instruction of the “main shareholders”, escaped from Russia, tried to mislead not only the court in the United States but also the society. Since the court case was not about the JSC OIL company Yukos but about a shell firm called “Yukos USA Inc”. It was created on December 14, 2004, with the sole purpose – to derail the auction bidding of the shares of Yukos affiliate “Yuganskneftegaz”. The purpose of the auction sales was to guarantee the discharge of tax arrears of the Oil Company Yukos.

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Anyway, representatives of companies dragged into this trial saw through this affair.

"Yukos created a PR machine with one employee, a notebook and some money which had been transferred on bank accounts in Texas”, said Michael Goldberg, legal adviser of the company “Gazpromneft", commenting on this trial.

A bit later, he expressed confidence that the court would stop considering the case on bankruptcy "as soon as the judge would have a possibility to get acquainted with real facts and not with the garbage produced by the Yukos PR-machine".

“To assess the degree of insolence of the shell company and its operators is possible by the notice of motion of representatives of “Yukos USA Inc” who asked the court to resolve the issue of closing bank accounts of the oil company in Russia. Taking into account that the American company “Yukos USA Inc” had never had any accounts in Russia, it was not difficult to understand that the swindlers demanded from the court to close the accounts of the Russian Oil Company Yukos, and that assumed many media outlets covering the case. By the way, the Texas court didn’t refuse and promised to clear the issue of whether its American jurisdiction extend to the Russian company. As a matter of fact, it does not. And it was already evident from the old controversy of the same Oil Company Yukos with one of its partners. Yukos, in 2002, in a legal proceeding in the United States argued that the company was beyond the jurisdiction of the state Texas”, noted the website Prigovor.ru.

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