On this day Khodorkovsky was waking up the society

On this day Khodorkovsky was waking up the society

In connection with the tragedy in Beslan, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, sitting in an isolation cell, saw a chance to "wake up an indifferent society." What happened on September 7, 2004.

On this day 18 years ago, on September 2004, Khodorkovsky made a statement relating to the tragedy in Beslan and called “for solidarity and intransigence in the face of terrorism”. “When teas meld down to fury, fury before which laws of God and man fall, and this is just the fury that await from us those who want to collect their harvest on tears and suffering of the innocent, those who dream about setting off escalatory spiral of blood and hatred”, said Khodorkovsky.

These seemingly right words of compassion his henchmen turned to cynical actions which continued the bloody terrorist act on the information field, liberal journalists flung themselves “to collect their own harvest on tears and suffering of innocent”, melting down other people’s blood into hard money and public relations activity.

We won’t remind you of how many calls were made during those days by employees of the radio station "Ekho Moskvy” trying to get through to a certain Boris Abramovich Berezovsky and his entourage connected with the terrorist underground in Russia.

“The “London headquarters”, at least, tried to get political dividends from the bloody action carried out by bandits. We won’t make use of archive publications of the foreign press which in every possible way tried to demean those who had given their body armor to children, and which had been called “rebels” the crowd of bandits.

We simply recall all those who, as a matter of fact, continued this terrorist act in the information field completing, in essence, the bloody work of terrorists, as it is no secret that information resonance is one of the main factors of “success” of terrorist attacks.

Exactly this started to do persons and media outlets sponsored by foreign embassies and fugitive oligarchs. Lie, manipulations, and, occasionally, sheer drivel – all was used for supporting that resonance which terrorists would like to see, as well as the West and the so-called “liberal opposition”. They had been doing it for a long time. And, alas, they still try to do it now. They do it, despite detailed, minute-by-minute analyses of the terrorist attack, evidence, as well as myths, emerged thanks to activities of "non-indifferent liberals” and the press. Who are these people? Their names are known.  

How a mastermind of murders financed Kasparov and Litvinovich

So, the sponsor of the continuation of the terrorist attack is Leonid Borisovich Nevzlin sentenced to life imprisonment for organizing murders. He is hiding in Israel.

Performer – Litvinovich Marina Alexeyevna. “She worked for Khodorkovsky and Nevzlin. After Khodorkovsky was locked up and Nevzlin ran away, she was appointed “enforcer” to control Kasparov. Nevzlin was giving money to Kasparov, and Litvinovich watched how it was spent, and set up the agenda. When Nevzlin stopped financing Kasparov, Litvinovich was expelled at once from Kasparov's United Civil Front”, reports one of the analyses of the tragedy in Beslan.

Money was funneled under cover of the Foundation to help victims of terror”

Taxpayer Identification Number (INN) – 7702573277, it was promptly created in 2005. The founders of it were:

Litvinovich Marina Alexeyevna

Bilunov Denis Borisovich

Kasparov Garry Kimovich

Latynina Yulia Leonodovna (By the way, Nevzlin calls her, hob and nob, “Little Yulia” (Yulka) and says that “Yulka” loves money very much).

How the National Endowment for Democracy financed the activities of Litvinovich

Apparently, the destructive projects of Matina Litvinovich have attracted a not less destructive American organization, which is finances by the Department of State of the U.S. It is called the "National Endowment for Democracy". This foundation, of course, was expelled from Russia, with one of the reasons being moral support of terrorism – representatives of this Foundation friendly called participants of the terrorist underground “activists and members of the rebel movement”.

In 2011, the Foundation of Litvinovich, Latynina, and Kasparov received from "the friends of rebels" a grant to the tune of 20000 US dollars.

After that Litvinovich has been telling for years that “guilty of the Beslan tragedy are the authorities and not terrorists”. It is, admittedly, a very base scheme – entirely in the spirit of the sponsors. It won’t be a surprise if we’ll soon find out that Leonid Nevzlin, the serial mastermind of murders, still finances Matina Litvinovich and all other “harvest collectors on tears and suffering of the innocent”.

The activity of the National Endowment for Democracy by the decision of the Office of the Prosecutor General from 28.07.2015. was recognized undesirable on the territory of the Russian Federation.

(See also the previous article: “On this day, investigators searched traces of Nevzlin”. “Leonid Nevzlin in 1998, as part of the organized group of persons, pocketed 38% of the portfolio shares of “Tomskneft", VNK, and “Achinsk NPZ”. The website Prigiovor.ru reminds its readers of what happened on September 6, 2004)

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