On this day, a sentence was passed upon Alexey Pichugin without condescension

On this day, a sentence was passed upon Alexey Pichugin without condescension

By a majority of voices – eight against four – a panel of jurors adjudged Alexey Pichugin guilty of ordering and organizing murders. The website Prigovor.ru reminds its readers of what happened on March 25, 2005.

On this day, on March 25, 2005, in the court proceedings of the criminal case of Alexey Pichugin, a former employee of the Security service of the Oil Company Yukos, appeared an almost full clarity – the day before, in the afternoon, the panel of juror adjudged Puchigin guilty on all charges brought against him.

(See: the speech of the state prosecutors Kamil Kashayev and Yevgeny Naydenov before the panel of jurors).

  1. The jurors of the panel adjudged Alexey Pichugin completely guilty on the charge of killing of Olga and Sergey Gorin.

(See also the article “On this day, Nevzlin was neutralizing witnesses”. At the behest of Nevzlin, Pichugin, through his channels, engaged executors from members of bandit groups of Tambov and Volgograd regions).

  1. The jurors adjudged Pichugin guilty of the attempted murder of Olga Kostina, former head of the Department of public relations of the Moscow City Hall and former adviser of Yukos head Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

(See also the article “On this day, Nevzlin’s gang blew up the apartment of a councilor of Moscow’s mayor”. Pichugin, at the behest of Nevzlin, handed over to Gorin a photo of the aggrieved, indicated her address.).

  1. Yet, the panel of jurors refused to adjudged Pichugin guilty of the attempted murder of Viktor Kolesov, former head of the administrative office of the CJSC “Rosprom”, but, at the same time, the jurors adjudged the defendant guilty of beating Kolesov.


However, later it turned out that the beaten Kolesov had been “on the list of victims”. The murder of the head of the administrative office of the company “Rosprom” was to have been carried out by Vladimir Kabanets – under the guise of a street cleaner, he was to have come close to his victim and fire from the sawn-off hunting rifle. “I told Gorin that there will be two corpses – Kolesov and his chauffeur, and, in response, I was told that this is bullshit, we will simply pay additional $15 thousand”.

(See also the article “He dupes you, as easy meat, and hit you up for money”. A sentenced to life imprisonment gave evidence with regard to Yukos employee).

Viktor Kolesov survived, most likely, because there were frictions between ordering customers and the executants from the town Tambov, as he, as a target, was handed over to bandits from Volgograd – Reshetnikov and Tsigelnik, who, on October 5, 1998, beat him for 5 thousand U.S. dollars disguising it as an ordinary street attack.

It’s worth noting that the fourth episode imputed on Pichugin – “a threat to kill” with regard to the entrepreneur Sergey Lobikov – was dated 2002. During the proceedings in 2004, upon the motion of the defense, it was dismissed “because the expiry of the period of limitation”. Still, it didn’t change the whole picture of the crimes and had no effect on the assessment of the jurors of the three episodes. By a majority of voices (eight against four) the panel of jurors adjudged Pichugin guilty of all crimes imputed to him.


Formally, it’s not yet the end of the trial – the verdict on Pichugin and his supposed accomplice Alexey Peshkun, Judge Natalya Olikhver will read the sentence next week. But the question will be then only about a concrete sentence – how many years in colony deserve the defendants”, explained the newspaper “Vremya Novostey” particular aspects of procedures with participation of jurors. It’s the format that was chosen during the first case by Pichugin himself and his defense.

Meanwhile, the jurors adjudged Pichugin guilty of organizing murders and attempted murders, and found him unworthy of condescension. This means, as the newspaper “Kommersant” assumed farsightedly, that now Mr. Pichugin could face up to life imprisonment”.

(See  case file No 2-38/08. An awful series of murders and attempted murders commissioned by the billionaire Leonid Nevzlin and the article “Bloody price-list of Nevzlin L.B.”).

In the second part of the indictment filed in April 2005, emerged yet another series of episodes of the criminal activity of Pichugin who had acted at the behest of Leonid Nevzlin.

(See also the article “On this day, a gang of murderers from Yukos was put on trial”. The killer brigade from Yukos – Alexey Pichugin and five henchmen. Criminal cases No214361 and No127236).

- January 21, 1998 – the murder of the head of the trading firm “Feniks” Valentina Korneyeva;

- June 26, 1998 – the murder of the mayor of the town Nefteyugansk Vladimir Petukhov. At the same time, Vyacheslav Oreshkin, a bodyguard of the mayor, was severely wounded, for the whole life he is confined to a wheelchair;

- November 24, 1998 – the first attempted murder of Yevgeny Rybin, the manager of the company “East Petroleum Handelsgas”, Yevgeny Rybin;

- March 5, 1999 – the second attempted murder of Yevgeny Rybin. At the same time, Nikolay Federov, the chauffeur of the entrepreneur, was killed and severely wounded was his bodyguard Alexey Ivanov.

“After numerous court proceedings, the forecast of the newspaper “Kommersant” became reality – in August 2006 the Moscow City Court sentenced Alexey Pichugin, the former employer of Yukos Security service, to life-long imprisonment. The Court found that the guilt of Pichugin and his mastermind Nevzlin in organizing of brutal crimes had been completely vindicated. And in August 2008, the escaped to Israel Leonid Nevzlin became in absentia his life-long sentence. As it was established in Court, he turned out to be the ordering customer of a whole series of bloody murders and attempted murders”, notes the website Prigovor.ru.

(See also the previous article “On this day, Western creditors refused of dubious contacts with Yukos”. A syndicate of Western banks didn’t believe the foggy promises of Yukos president Steven Theede to settle debts. The website Prigovor.ru reminds its readers of what happened on March 24, 2006.

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