Nazi “meat cuts” Kiev style

Nazi “meat cuts” Kiev style

The website has found out that the organizer of the separatist “Free Nations of Russia Forum” is a marketing expert and barman from Kiev whose menu includes, for instance, a dish from “real Russkies meat”.

And this time again, secrets (although not all) have become manifest. The question is about the main organizer of the separatist platform called “Free Nations of Russia Forum” (FNRF), participants of which, starting from May 2022, have been regularly carrying out meetings in various NATO countries, drawing maps of Russia’s dismemberment and signing “declarations on de-colonialization”, even about annihilation of Russia. About another organizer of the FNFR, registered in Lithuanian, namely the “Institute of Russia’s Regions”, we reported in the journalistic investigation entitled “Fifth Column has started its last Drang nach Osten. Part II” which was published at the beginning of November 2022. According to some details, in particular, with regard to two accounts of the FNRF, registered in the United States and in Ukraine, we were figuring out Ukrainian-American roots of this separatist project, but we failed then to receive hard evidence.


And so, in a month, Vadim Shtepa, the director of the Institute of Russia’s Regions publishes the name of the main organizer of the FNRF – “a certain Oleg Magaletsky from Ukraine”. “Perhaps, I have to make a private announcement about the “Free Nations of Russia Forum”, wrote Shtepa in his Telegram-channel. “By the way, in was me who proposed during the Forum in Prague to use the term “post-Russia”…I have respect for Oleg Magaletsky, the organizers of this forum””.

Then Shtepa voices some organizational complaints against Oleg Magaletsky, who, up until that moment, had kept himself below the radar of the separatist crowd, and says about his unwillingness “to take part in the next forum”. Having thought for some hours, Shtepa, in addition, sends another message in which he exposes the real reason of his leaving the “Free Nations of Russia Forum”, specifically, financial one. The “Free Nations of Russia Forum” headed by Oleg Magaletsky, has been giving us the runaround for about half a year. Although, each month, Oleg himself promises us support. Yet, there has been no support at all - there have been only promises and promises… Hollow phrases!”, said with regret this ideologue with long experience of Russia’s dismemberment. Leaving the Forum, the director of the Institute shut the door with a bang – he accused shadow administrator of the FNRF very nearly of fraud. “And in these hollow phrases Magaletsky stops being different from the swindler Puzeyev”.

Screenshot of messages of the offended director of the Lithuanian Institute of Russia’s Regions, the separatist Vadim Shtepa

It can’t be helped, the well-kept incognito was exposed in the thick of internal immigrants’ squabbles, ambitions and financial scandals. In such a situation, there was nothing else for Magaletsky but to make a “coming out” or “coming out of the closet”. It was made with the help of the collaborationist Ilya Ponomaryov, the self-proclaimed “head of the anti-Russia’s government” (see also the article “Main offshore for Ilya Ponomaryov's «Rospartisans») who, on December 5, conducted a 5-minute interview with Magaletsky for his media outlet “Utro Fevralya” (“February Morning”).

Ponomaryov first, for the sake of order, asked a question about financing of the Free Nations of Russia Forum. Magaletsky, at first, tried to laugh off (or tried to tell the truth disguised as a joke): “As to the question of financing…there are three sources – Soros Foundation, State Department and reptiloids. With the help of these three sources, we, kind of, created the Foundation for Russia’s collapse”. Then he, without giving names or organizations, itemized allegedly real financing sources. “We are supported by leaders of movements that come out for independence of their peoples from the Moscow metropole. And we are supported by our European partners from the Central Europe and from the Baltics, there are already allies from Northern Europe after carrying out an event in Sweden”.

Ponomaryov: “How maps of dismemberment of the Russian Federation are emerging, how do you correlate them?”

Magaletsky: “These maps are not a thing in itself. Administrative and territorial arrangement of the post-Russia’s space is a topical question. There are already a number of versions, there are maps of Russia 4.0 or 5.0. I think there will be at least two dozens of them, until we find a necessary balance”.

Ponomaryov: “What are you striving for?”

Magaletsky “Until the World War II, they said Germany had been too big for Europe and too little for the world, i.e. the German people, existing in a sole state and in a natural way, had tried to dominate in Europe thus breaking the balance of powers. To my mind, we have nowadays the same situation with Russia: in order for Russia to be a sane state, and the Russian people to be in a position to use their rights, the rights that have the Poles, the Ukrainians, the French, the Germans and others, it’s necessary to have several Russian states (as of today, the Germans live in the Federal Republic of Germany, in Austria, Luxemburg, Switzerland.

 Our approach is that this imperial Frankenstein, which still can turn into Zombi, should be reorganized in several parliamentary republics. This is the case in which size matters. To create objectively a successful state within the limits of compact boundaries is simpler than within the limits of big ones. I see a Moscow Republic as a contemporary version of Austria, that is part of compact continental state”.

Magaletsky, obviously, is a mediocre orator, he speaks muddily, his speech is full of vulgar expressions, although he likes to insert a name of a certain modish Western philosopher or sociologist. And here is the first impression that he makes: a deeply provincial person, a poor educated man, hot hooked on nationality question.


Oleg Magaletsky was born in August 1989, in 2010 he graduated from the Kiev Trade and Economics University (former Kiev affiliate of the All-Soviet Correspondence Institute of Soviet Trade). In 2014 Magaletsky is an activist of Maidan, takes part in attacks on offices of the “Berkut” special police unit. On the Bankovaya Street, in the middle of the government quarter of the Ukrainian capital, he, sitting at the wheel of a self-propelled earth-moving machine, tried to destroy rows of members of special police squads.

In the same year, Magaletsky travels to fight against “cotton wadded separatists”, takes part in military operations in eastern and southern parts of Ukraine. He was wounded in the area of the township Peski to the part of the body what is called, using the medical language, “the back surface of a hip”.

Wounded Magaletsky

Obviously, this injury woke up creative abilities of Magaletsky, and on one of Ukrainian media outlets he publishes his resume in which he proposes a wide variety of marketing services: from signature style and animation to managing websites and marketing researches.

Magaletsky’s resume with proposition of marketing services

At the same time, Magaletsky carries out a series of scandalous actions in the Kiev’s bar “BarHot”, in the menu of which were included such dishes as “House of Trade Unions” (we would like to remind our readers that in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa, on May 2014, neo-Nazi burned to death more than 40 people), “Liver of Militiaman”, and a dish from “real Russkies meat”. This culinary imitation of cannibalism became a trademark of Magaletsky: during one of the parties in his bar, its visitors ate a cake in the form of a newly born baby against the backdrop of the Russian flag.

Menu from the bar of the ukronazist Magaletsky

In December 2014, Magaletsky organized a reward called “Cotton Wadded Person of the Year” (Ватник Года). And on the eve of the New Year, in this bar, was staged an execution of the Russian pilot of the bomber “Su-24” shot down in Syrian skies. The show entitled “Backstab” (Ударвспину) was being made in Russia language to a tune of music which sounded in videos made by of the banned in Russia ISIS.

Magaletsky’s creative cannibalism strike a chord with Andrey Matsola, a bear king from Lvov and owner of the firm “First Private Brewery”. Apart from that, he is also well-known in Ukraine as the main sponsor of the religions of the church schism. First, Matsola financed the self- proclaimed “patriarch” of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchy Filaret (Denisenko), then he took part in creation of the schismatic “Ukrainian Orthodox Church” (PTsU). For special services, the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomeus conferred him an honorary title of “archont”. By the way, a candidate to become “archont” has to be “a citizen or constant inhabitant of the United States”.

Matsola proposed Magaletsky to head the newly created by him organization “Aksios” for helping Ukrainian fighters of the Anti-Terror Operation (ATO). The invitation was accepted at once, despite a scandal that had flared up after the publication in the Ukrainian information agency “First Truth & Transparency Committee” (it was created with the support of the “Transparency International”**, “The Global Anti-Corruption Organization” and “Freedom House”**). The titled of the piece spoke for itself: “The First Private Brewery: How Andrey Matsola and Kobson profited off of the war”.

The authors of the journalistic investigation said that “Matsola, actually, helps Kremlin’s oligarchs to make money on Ukrainian market”. As it turned out, half of the shares of the “First Private Brewery” Matsola had sold to “Muscuvites” from “Moscow Brewery”, producing the branded beer “Zhiguli”. And the rights of the trade mark belonged to Andrey Kobson, a son of the famous Russian singer. So, together they were pretty well pulling up, transferring taxes in billions to the Russian treasury.

Nazi-Ale Brewer Andrey Matsola (in the center)

“Despite the war in Ukraine, “The First Private Brewery” holds good positions in the Russian Federation thanks to acceptable quality”, point out the authors of the article. “As noticed in a commentary for the Russian mass media Andrey Matsola himself, “he is not going to stop at the achieved results and plans to widen the network of “The First Private Brewery” in Russia.

At the beginning of 2018, Magaletsky leaves the Andrey Matsola’s center “Aksios”, and the reason of it was hardly a separate collusion of the West Ukraine’s brewer with damned Muscovites from the firm “Zhiguli”. More likely, Magaletsky’s inclination towards creative cannibalism looked a bit blasphemous with regard to veterans of the Ukrainian Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO).


Magaletsky decides to carry this peculiar creative initiatives to masses. He organizes several firms with fanciful names: OJSC “OooAaaUuu”, OJSC “Boaster and Hermit”, OJSC “Respectable Restorer-Restorateur Erle Registered a Rarity Paranormal Transformer”. All these firms with different names have one and the same form of activity: verbatim, “servicing with drinks”, or drinks trading on tap.

Firms of the Ukrainian curator of the “Free Nations of Russia Forum” Oleg Magaletsky

The Special military operation pulled away the creative barman from the bar counter. Somebody, having assessed a perverse mindset and Nazi attitudes of Magaletsky, decided to return him to politics, to be more precise, ordered him to make “meat cuts” from Russia. A thing happened that Magaletsky, during the whole his obscene life, had dreamed of.

In June 2022, almost simultaneously, in the United States and in Ukraine two domains were registered with two outlets of the “Free Nations of Russia Forum” located under them. The Ukrainian version was given under control of Magaletsky who started to work off the order in accordance with a usual marketing pattern: “tracking websites and pages in social networks”, “content-management”, “video advertising”, “design of exhibition stands”, “interface designs” and so on and so forth.

Several dozens of dedicated separatists, who in different times immigrated from Russia, have become a working material for Magaletsky. And those among them who already have been long on the payroll of Western foundations and secret services, have entered the leadership of the “Free Nations of Russia Forum”, to its “Coordinating Council”.

 A certain Inna Kurochkina has become the most reliable associate of the cannibal Magaletsky in this “Coordinating Committee”, a co-founder of the Czech affiliate of the American “Free Russia Foundation”**. In fact, the investigation of the Russian media outlet entitled “Tele- and Body-Journalist of Akhmed Zakayev” was devoted to her. Kurochkina is an ardent supporter of Russia’s collapse. In October 2022, she publically thanked the Supreme Rada for declaring “Ichkeria an occupied territory”.

The financing of Kurochkina activities, it’s easy to figure out, goes through the mentioned affiliate of the “Free Russia Foundation”. As investigative journalists found out, the scheme of the sponsorship is simple: “The State Department through its Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor” provides money to the “Free Russia Foundation” which is then being funneled to the European affiliates of the Foundation, to the same Prague, where it is being received with joy by operators of “destruction of Russia”. Only in previous year, a grant amounting to $947 thousand was provided to the “Free Russia Foundation”.

Lady Kurochkina was the first to make a “program” interview with Magaletsky after his peculiar “coming out”. She presented the barman and marketing expert as a “co-founder” of the “Free Nations of post-Russia Forum”.

As a Nazi-man to a Nazi-woman. Conversation of Oleg Magaletsky with Inna Kurochkina

Kuroichkina: “I know that you and your father are heroes of Maidan. Then, when Russia invaded, you fought for Ukraine. From Maidan to the Forum – how have you made this way?”

Magaletsky: “In effect, the war against Russia started on Maidan. Then the ultimate break happened with the metropolitan country, with the empire. On Maidan, we declared that we do not want to be part of Russian world. Euro-Maidan was a national revolution, with creation of a political nation being the result of it. The third Maidan started on February 24, and this Maidan is not for Ukraine, but for freedom and liberal values”.

Kurochkina: “During the four forums I have seen what a pressure has been exerted on you…But you separated pseudo-oppositionists who attached themselves to this cause…”

Magaletsky: “Out real blows are still in the future. But we have to do away with Russia in 2023. Our blows that will finish them off, will be carried out within half a year. With our military opponent everything is clear already… More dangerous is the pseudo-liberal crowd of the so-called “good Russians”. This “faction” is more dangerous than the Kremlin power. You have to understand that Putin and this entourage – it’s not a cause, it’s an effect. And the real cause is the existence of this deep people of lost slaves which are searching for a tsar. These people – no matter they are good or bad – flee from freedom. And this is not a question of geopolitics, this is a psychological and psychiatric question. So, our enemies are not only Prigozhin and Kadyrov, but Navalny as well”.

This “program” interview matters a lot, and it’s worth to be filly quoted. Because of his narrow-mindedness, the Nazi Magaletsky exposes a number of key foundations that the “Kiev junta” tries to hush up or to hide. First, he states that the war between Russia and Ukraine started not in February 2022, from the moment of the announcement of the Special Military Operation, but as early as in 2014 on Maidan, the bloody events of which had been prepared by the U.S. State Department.

Second, through the mouth of Magaletsky speaks one person with two faces: one, as it seems, a liberal advocating for European values, and the other, a downright Nazi who is ready to relentlessly decimate, as he puts it, “the deep people of lost slaves”.

And, third, this interview will serve as a good lesson for Russia oppositionists who, in an hour of trial, betrayed their Motherland and defected to the enemy’s side with an illusionary slogan “No to war”. Magaletsky tells directly that there are no “good Russians” for Ukrainian Nazis: “hanged” and “stabbed” will be the most pro-American person Navalny and others like him.

In general, we are making ourselves more comfortable and wait when Ukrainian nationalists will organize for Russian collaborationists in Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn “a crystal night of long knives”.

* “Free Russia Foundation”, Unites States, on 27.06.2019 was included by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, under number 16, in the List of foreign and international non-governmental organizations which are regarded as undesirable on the territory of the Russian Federation (Ruling N 814-r from 28.06.2019)

 ** Center of anti-corruption investigation and initiatives “Transparence International” – on 07.04.2015 was acknowledged by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, under number 52, as organization carrying out functions of a foreign agent.

** “Freedom House” – its activity is banned on the territory of the Russia Federation.

Ilya Vladimirovich Ponomaryov*, individual tax payer ID 504401399908, on 21.10.2022 was acknowledged by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation (under No 463) as a physical person fulfilling function of a foreign agent. According to Article 2.1 of the Federal Law from 28.12.2022 No 272 FZ “On enforcement measures with regard to persons involved in violations of basic human rights and freedoms, rights and freedoms of citizens of the Russian Federation”.

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