On this day, Leonid Nevzlin, the ordering customer of murders, lashed out at Kudrin

On this day, Leonid Nevzlin, the ordering customer of murders, lashed out at Kudrin

The serial ordering customer of murders Leonid Nevzlin accused Kudrin, Medvedev, and Abramovich of all Yukos misfortunes. The shadow of Yukos in the attempted murder of Alexey Kudrin. The website Prigovor.ru reminds its readers of what happened on April 18, 2005.

On this day 17 years ago, on April 18, 2005, Leonid Nevzlin, the ordering customer of a series of murders and attempted murders, the major shareholders of Group Menatep (GML), who had escaped from the Russian justice to Israel, was trying to find those guilty of the Oil Company Yukos problems. The little picture, maturated in the head of the fugitive criminal, was, to be honest, rather infantile – guilty are all except for swindlers from the Oil Company Yukos.

Leonid Nevzlin, the ordering customer of serial murders, said that he was preparing to file claims with international courts against a group of persons involved in the destruction of the Oil Company Yukos. According to Nevzlin’s fantasy, guilty of the fact that Khodorkovsky and Lebedev had committed a series of economic crimes, including tax crimes, had been… Dmitry Medvedev and Alexey Kudrin. And Roman Abramovich had been guilty separately.

“Dmitry Medvedev and Alexey Kudrin, in Nevzlin’s opinion, supervised the activities of tax and law enforcement agencies with regard to Yukos and its shareholders. Kudrin gave instructions to the Tax Services and confirmed decisions. According to Nevzlin, the statements of the minister Kudrin to the address of Yukos are the best proof of his involvement in the destruction of Yukos”, pointed out the business newspaper “Vedomosti”.


In fact, Alexey Kudrin several times, answering question of the press, made statements on the theme of the machinations exposed in the Oil Company Yukos.

For instance, on August 14, 2003, Alexey Kudrin, the head of the Ministry of Finance of Russia and vice premier, gave a short commentary in connection with the Yukos case. The vice premier said that in current situation with the company Yukos “we should wait for a court decision”, and, as to the part outside court procedures, Kudrin stated that “the authorities will find an objective decision in this situation”.

Apart from that, Alexey Kudrin, for comparison, reminded that in the United States, as the result of the internal machinations in the energy company “Enron”, including with book-keeping, “the firm went bankrupt, the stock market fell, has been in a fever still, and investments have downsized by 300 billion dollars”, said the Russian vice premier. Which begs the question: “Was it worth wile to expose the shortcomings to have such a result in the end?”

Or, for instance, on December 3, 2003, on the pages of the British business media outlet “The Financial Times”, was published an interview with the finance minister of Russia, vice premier Alexey Kudrin, in which he mentioned an awful for the “borehole swindlers” thing – he named Yukos “number one in tax dodging”.

I want to stop all tax evasion. Tax crimes should be punished” told the minister to the media outlet.

In addition, the vice premier dismissed assumptions that the investigation initiated in the summer of 2003, have “a political basis”.

(A political basis of the “Yukos affair”, which Nevzlin for a long time had traded on Western platforms, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) twice fail to establish. Besides, the decision of the ECtHR on Nevzlin himself, where a political background also had been not found, proved for the third time that “politics” in the case of the criminal prosecution of tricksters and murders from Yukos is a cheap myth for an unfastidious Western audience).

Leonid Nevzlin, intolerable of positions of others, in these, in general, obvious matters, expressed by Kudrin, who, as a minister, was obliged to guaranty a necessary fiscal performance, saw a pretext for filing a claim. Bearing in mind that Nevzlin, this ordering customer of a series of murders and attempted murders, had a motive to revenge himself upon Kudrin, and everybody saw public instances of Nevzlin’s intolerance, a rather tangible version appeared in the press of the preparation of an attempted murder of Kudrin which became known in 2020.

About the attempted murder told Kudrin himself, and the press only juxtaposed the already known circumstances and presupposed that “perhaps, the order to murder Kudrin was made in one of Yukos “subsidiaries”.

“As is known, Yukos had little patience with those who hindered it to steal money from the state budget or tried to call for abiding by law. In the company there was its own enforcement department, which dealt with the undesirables. And this is most important – behind all these series of contract murders and attempted murders, as follows from courts’ verdicts, stand Leonid Nevzlin.


The second man, who “planted” on Khodorkovsky offshore schemes, dummy companies, and other criminal instruments, according to Nevzlin’s fantasy, turned out to be Dmitry Medvedev. “As to Dmitry Medvedev, Nevzlin has proofs of the involvement of the head of the president’s administration to the Yukos case, but he doesn’t tell what these proofs are”, wrote the newspaper “Vedomosti” reminding that, at that moment,“Medvedev publicly expressed his views on Yukos case only once and called upon his colleagues “to evaluate economic ramifications” of the events. Lawyers evaluated Nevzlin’s claim fantasies as null and void.


And, finally, as the third “guilty”, Nevzlin appointed Roman Abramovich, whose people “maneuvered Yukos into a trap’. Nevzlin is sure, wrote the newspaper “Vedomosti”, that Abramovich had known all along what was in store for Khodorkovsky and Yukos.

“It was evident judging by how he and his entourage behaved after the arrest of Khodorkovsky”, says Nevzlin, “by how they spoke with me and with other shareholders of “Group Menatep”, pointed out the newspaper.

Evidently, in the process of the merger between Yukos and “Sibneft” was disclosed a critical mass of encumbrances which turned out to be an unacceptable ballast for the company “Sibneft”. And the question is, even if we take away all managerial ambitions of the two companies, even not about the tax machinations of the leadership of the Oil Company Yukos. The question is about a series of bloody murders and attempted murders committed at the behest of Nevzlin by the bandits of Alexey Pichugin.

Perhaps, partners, like the criminal Nevzlin, would not have been tolerated even by ChevronTexaco and ExxonMobil with their complicated histories of the coming into being.

(See also the previous article “On this day Yukos was put on notice of tax machinations”. 99 billion rubles of arrears. “Intentional actions of the Oil Company Yukos on artificial drawing up of turnovers with oil and oil products through shell firms. The website Prigovor.ru reminds its readers of what happened on April 17, 2004).

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