On this day, a court of Texas sent swindlers from Yukos to Russia

On this day, a court of Texas sent swindlers from Yukos to Russia

A court in the American town of Houston, Texas, rejected the claim based on the "insufficient presence" of the Russian company in the United States. The website Prigovor.ru reminds its readers of what happened on February 25, 2005.

On this day 18 years ago, on February 25, 2005, it became known that the machination of representatives of the swindlers from Yukos in the American court failed. According to the ruling made by Judge Leticia Сlark, the Federal Court in Houston (state Texas) rejected the claim on “bankruptcy and reorganization” filed in December 2004 by the hurriedly created firm “Yukos USA Inc”, on the basis of the decision of the company “Yukos-Moskva” managers which was deemed illegal.

In the verdict of the court, in particular, was pointed out: “The company, in general, carries out its activities on the territory of Russia. Moreover, the question of its bankruptcy cannot be decided without the participation of other concerned party, in particular, the Russian government.

Another foundation for rejecting the claim, according to the decision of the Judge, was the "insufficient presence" of this Russian company in the United States.

The American “shell firm” under the name “Yukos USA Inc", on the day of its official creation (December 14, 2004) went to the Bankruptcy Court of the Southern District of Texas. The purpose was to derail the auction to sell shares of the company “Yuganslneftegaz", the biggest oil-producing affiliate of the Oil Company Yukos. As is known, it was decided to organize auction sales "for guaranteed clearing the tax arrears of the company Yukos, at that moment to the amount of about $3.73 billion of confirmed tax claims.

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Yet, the “main shareholders” decided to derail the settling of debts, and organized a judicial show in Texas, having demanded the defense against bankruptcy.

Representatives of “Deutsche Bank” involved in the examination, in their turn, during the proceedings in Houston accused Yukos of premeditatedly deceiving the court. The question, in particular, was about manipulations with financial documents allowing the firm “Yukos USA Inc”, basically, to go to court of the American jurisdiction. They insisted on rejecting the claim as they considered the firm “Yukos USA Inc” as merely a folding screen for litigation in the United States and for loudly declaring the existence of active business in the United States, not having it in reality.

“Yukos has created a PR machine with one employee, a laptop and some money, which was transferred to bank accounts in Texas”, commented Mikhail Goldberg, the legal advisor of the company “Gazpromneft”. A bit later, he expressed his confidence that the court would stop considering the bankruptcy case “as soon as the judge will have the opportunity to learn real facts, and not that junk that is being produced by the PR machine of Yukos”. In truth, the adviser turned out to be right – the claim of the “borehole swindlers” was dismissed”, notes the website Prigovor.ru.

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