On this day, a rookery of «Menatep» was found

On this day, a rookery of «Menatep» was found

Mysteries of a former vegetable dehydration plant. The CJSC “Joy” was used as an intermediary founder of dummy entities. The website Prigovor.ru reminds its readers of what happened on April 8, 1998.

On this day 24 years ago, on April 8, 1998, reporters of the journal “Kommersant-Money” discovered a provincial “hiding place” of the finance empire “Menatep”. It turned out that “the empire of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, part of which, in particular, is the largest Russian oil company “YKSI”, is registered in the quiet town Mosalsk in the Kaluga Region” (There was such a period of fleeting and unhappy marriage of Yukos with “Sibneft”).


Having shown an interest to an obvious, it would seem, thing – to the address of the juridical registration of Khodorkovsky’s empire, the reporters of “Kommersant-Money” dug out a lot of interesting materials.

“We figured to ourselves Mosalsk as a town with roads laid with marble and facades plated with gold – as this is the place of registration of the companies “Rosprom” and “YKSI” where they have to pay their taxes. We argued about one thing – is it possible to meet in this magical place Russian cars, or even local cattle men go to work on foreign motors. But most vividly our imagination pictured the building No 42 on Lenin Street. We imagined ourselves a huge mansion behind high fencing, and numerous bodyguards on the perimeter. Our dreams were beautiful, but the reality exceeded the wildest expectations”, narrated the reporters, with certain irony, about their visit to the town with nearly 5 thousand inhabitants. It was found out that the giants of the nascent Russian business are “registered” on the territory of a former vegetable dehydration plant, part of the buildings of which were regarded as the legal office of the same bank “Menatep”.

This is not nearly a complete list of firms registered on 1998 at the “rudder” address: Kaluga Region, town Mosalsk, Lenin Street, H. 42.

So, a usual, to all appearances, report about a trip of journalists to the sticks, a report, full of low-key irony to the address of “a man with rubles”, have a hint to society – Khodorkovsky’s structures, in carrying out their murky deals, are inclined to creation of rather ingenious schemes. Thanks to them, as it turned out, criminal affairs of the “most transparent” company were being pulled off.

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It calls attention to itself that in the “Mosalsk’s list”, along with the renowned “YKSI”, “Menatep”, and “Rosprom”, were itemized firms with simplistic names, and the owner of them was the company “Menatep Limited” (Gibraltar), or, for instance, CJSC “Joy”. Some years later, it was established – this joint stock company “was not a self-consistent entity. It was a shell company. The founder of the CJSC “Joy” was the company “Kilda B.V.” (Netherlands).

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The JSC “Joy” was used by the members of the organized criminal group as an intermediary founder of dummy entities, applied for carrying out fraud. For instance, “to commit theft and other crimes of the organized group headed by Khodorkovsky, was prepared the CJSC “Volna”. It was founded by the juridical person the CJSC “Joy”. The JSC “Volna”, as is known, was used by Khodorkovsky and Lebedev for misappropriation of 20% of shares of the company “Apatit”.

So, the CJSC “Joy” from Mosalsk begot the CJSC “Volna” (“Wave” in Russian), and from its depths came out two swindlers – Lebedev and Khodorkovsky”, notes ironically the website Prigovor.ru.

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