Russian Magic Tablecloth of the foreign agent Gennady Gudkov

Russian Magic Tablecloth of the foreign agent Gennady Gudkov

The website has found out that the former deputy of the Russian State Duma and implacable enemy of the Russian state Gennady Gudkov, who was arrested in absentia, has been still carrying on a multimillion business in Moscow and owns big real estate units.

… In the fall of 2022, the former deputy of the Russian State Duma Gennady Gudkov (he is also a retired officer of the KGB, foreign agent and ‘relocant’) while travelling in Europe, found himself before a Fatidical Stone. In those days, Ukrainian Nazis, losing fights on Kupyansk and South-Donetsk directions, were preparing a blow of a nuclear ‘dirty bomb’ in order to accuse Russia of a grave war crime. The outcome of the Special Military Operation (SVO) was still questionable at that time… Whose side to take? Or simply to jump off from this ignoble warpath and peacefully drink rakija in one’s own mansion in Bulgaria?

In a nutshell, he found himself at the cross-road, as in a Russian epic poem: ‘If you turn to the right, you will lose your Russia business, but will save yourself; if you turn to the left – you will lose yourself, but will save you Russian business; if you go straight forward, you will both lose yourself and lose your Russian business’. Having shut his eyes, the foreign agent taxied to the last, most tragic way. Perhaps, he even didn’t have time to examine in detail all premonitions of the Fatidical Stone, and gunned the engine along the groove previously made by the most dazed non-systemic oppositionists.

Gennady Gudkov in the terrarium of like-minded persons: Alexey Navalny* (on the far left), Boris Akunin* (on the far right), Garry Kasparov (next).

So, on November 2022, the former KGB officer found himself in the leadership of the terrorist organization ‘The Congress of Peoples’ Deputies’ created by the foreign agent Ilya Ponomaryov*, grandson of Boris Ponomaryov (1905 – 1995) who was secretary on foreign policy of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Together with Gudkov and Ponomaryov, a member of the ‘executive committee’ of this ‘congress’ became, in particular, the commander of the collaborationist Legion ‘Free Russia’** (acknowledged by the Russian Ministry of Justice as a terrorist organization) with a call sign “Caesar’. This is a Maximilian Andronnikov, who earlier was a member of the Neo-Stalinist group under control of Vladimir Kvachkov, the retired colonel of the Russian military intelligence service GRU. ‘Caesar’ is one of the organizers and participants of the military raids into the territory of the Russian Belgorod and Bryansk regions.

Screenshot of Ilya Ponomaryov’s message on the Telegram Channel about creation of ‘the Council of Congress’ Deputies’ (06.11.2022)


In pursuit of the former KGB officer and deputy, the agency FLB published on November 17, 2022, a journalistic investigation entitled ‘Cozzers’ business empire of the insurgent Gennady Gudkov’. ‘Up to the present day, Gennady Vladimirovich Gudkov possesses 65.7% of the firm “Kolomnensky stroitel”, and 34.3% of it belongs to his spouse Maria Petrovna Gudkova’, was pointed out in this article. 'The post of director of this market place holds Sergey Gulkin, a classmate and childhood friend of Gennady Gudkov. The Gudkovs manage a parcel of land of 7.4 thousand square meters which was leased in December 1999 for 49 years. It’s on this land plot that is situated this market place – about 60 containers which are being rented by other businessmen, as well as a two-story building of the administration of the market place where once there was a reception office of the party “A Fair Russia”. A big furniture trading center “Skhodnya Furniture” was also constructed there’.

Gennady Gudkov with his wife

By the way, about ten years ago, in a dusty closet of the former businessman from the town Kolomna and former KGB officer a ‘skeleton’ was found. ‘The history of the company “Kolomensky stroitel” is very similar to a history of classical raider capture. General managers and founders were changed there several times. At the end, for some unintelligible merits, the wife of the deceased former owner handsels her part of the assets to Gennady Gudkov, who, in his turn, contrary to the law, accepts it”, told one of researchers of the secret life of the deputy'.

Finally, we would like to remind our readers that the building supplies market in the town Kolomna became a reason to strip Gennady Gudkov of his deputy’s mandate.’ In the course of the pre-investigation review they received information that Gennady Gudkov, being a deputy of the State Duma, had acquired a stake in the nominal capital of the OJSC ‘Kolomensky stroitel’, was stressed in the official statement of a representative of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. The copy of the minutes of the general meeting of members of the OJSC ‘Kolomensky stroitel’ which was attended by Gudkov, was presented to the Parliament and became a sufficient warranty for the loss of his deputy mandate.

On the balance of the construction market there was a considerable sum of money – 42.5 million rubles. The financial metrics of the company were increasing in full pelt in the period from 2002 to 2017, then they shrank a bit, but starting with 2022 the earning returned to the previous level. According to the tally of specialists, the market was able to bring to the owners of the OJSC ‘Kolomensky stroitel’ up to six million rubles a month, also by way of rent payments.


Almost half a year have passed since the beginning of the Special Military Operation, to be more precise, since the beginning of collective West’s war against Russia. Or 500 days of uninterrupted rocket attacks, artillery shelling, drone attacks and bloody assaults on Donbass’ little towns and villages. In this war, the collaborationist Gennady Gudkov has dug out his own little trench from which he has been tirelessly smashing up his ‘rag-tag’ compatriots.

For instance, Gennady Gudkov is an active participant of the crowd of dismemberers, or disrupters of Russia, of the so-called ‘Free Nations of Post-Russia Forum’ (FNPRF, has been acknowledged as a terrorist organization).

Screenshot of the message from the Telegram channel of the terrorist organization The Free Nations of Post-Russia Forum’.

The former KGB officer speaks at a session of the European Parliament calling ‘Europeans’ to work out ‘a plan of dismantling Putin’s regime’ as soon as possible. In his stream together with the terrorist Ponomaryov, while speculating about the case of the so-called ‘Primorsky partisans’, Gudkov is trying with plenty of zing, to convince that ‘the revolt of the Primorsky guys from the Far East of Russia was supported by the people of that region’.

Screenshots from the Telegram channel of Ilya Ponomaryov

Gennady Gudkov takes part in a round table devoted to the theme ‘Armed Russian opposition and the future of Ukrainian-Russian relations’. Together with him questions of the creation of armed underground in Russia discussed such odious persons as the adviser of the Ukrainian president’s office Alexey Arestovich*, the adviser of the minister of Internal Affairs Anton Geraschenko, the pseudo-leader of Crimean Tatars Mustafa Jamilyov, a neo-Nazi from the ‘Azov’ regiment** Artyom Shirobokov, as well as hoodlums from the terrorist organizations The Freedom of Russia Legion’ (LSR)** and the ‘Russian Volunteer Corps’ (RDK)**.

There is innumerable quantity of such instances of anti-Russia political and military activities which the businessman and extremist Gennady Gudkov has shown during two years since the beginning of the Special Military Operation.

Somehow a question arises: how all this has influenced his business in Russia? We answer this question at once: in no way!

Gennady Gudkov has not paid even a kopek for his subversive work against Russia! As one variant of a simple Russian proverb goes: ‘both to eat a fish and to conserve her virginity’ We have studied the financial and registration documents of the OJSC ‘Kolomensky stroitel’ for the last one and a half years.

Registration card of the OJSC ‘Kolomensky stroitel’ (April, 2024)

The composition of the leadership of the firm remains the same: the general director is Sergey Gulkin, founders are Gudkov (66.7%) and his wife Maria (34.3%). The financial situation of the firm looks as follows as of the end of 2023: balance – 40.8 million rubles, earnings – 12.5 million rubles, net income – 2.4 million rubles.

Financial dynamics of the OJSC ‘Kolomensky stroitel’, 2020 – 2023.

The financial dynamic of the Russian businessman Gennady Gudkov has remained practically the same during the last three years. Even from the outside the main Russian business of the foreign agent and extremist (which is comfortably located on the plot of land of 7.4 thousand square meters in the town Kolomna on the Moscow Region, between the central street October Revolution and the main railway hub) is flourishing very well.

Kolomna’s construction market on the map and in reality

Completely intact remains the whole business empire of this arch-enemy of Russia.


 ‘The Multifunctional production-commercial firm ‘Variant’ is just another money laying hen of the Gudkovs. Golden eggs for this couple she has been laying incessantly for almost 30 years, from 1993 up until now. The leadership of the firm ‘Variant’ consists of Maria Gudkova (75%) as well as of some OJSC ‘Roshan’ (25%) which, so it seems, exists not for making profit, as the financial successes of it in recent years have been equal to zero. The thing is that the sole founder of ‘Roshan’ is Gennady Gudkov himself. Obviously, the main purpose of this firm consists of being somehow a little fig leaf in order to cover the participation of the former deputy in ‘multifunctional’ deals of the firm ‘Vartiant’.

The multifunctional firm ‘Variant’, together with Gudkov’s wife, is among the founders of the Trading House ‘Oskord XX’ registered in the town Lukhovitsy in the Moscow Region. There is a considerable sum of money on its balance – 155 million rubles. Maria Gudkova is itemized as a sole founder of two more firms – ‘Resta Grand’ and ‘Trading Company’.

Business empire of the Gudkovs in Russia (April, 2024)

On the basis of the block diagram of Gudkovs’ business it is evident how closely it is tied with a large net of private security companies. According to the diagram, the beneficiary of these companies is a Vladimir Melikov. Until 2012, these security companies belonged to Gennady Gudkov and his wife. But one day, while conducting a planned inspection of the biggest affiliate of ‘Oskord’, of the security firm ‘Puntun’, policemen found breaches in equipment of gun rooms. First, guns and ammunitions were apprehended which were kept in there, and then the license was taken away from the firm ‘Puntun’.

And when Gennady Gudkov was stripped of his deputy’s mandate, he, at no expense, handed over the firm ‘Oskord’ to his head of the department of security activities Vladimir Melikov who had been working in the firm from the day of its creation Another words, Gudkov, according to an expert in security business, put in leader’s chair a so-called ‘nominal’ – an obedient executive of a shadow owner’s instructions. As of 2024, the part of Gudkov’s business empire which formally is owned by nominals include two groups of security structures under the name ‘Gard-R’ and ‘Oskord’.

As it was already stressed by the investigative agency FLB, the main part of these private paramilitary structures, by chance or not by chance, are marked on separatists’ maps in ‘reference points’ of these ‘dismemberers’ of Russia. Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Rostov-On-Don, Samara – all these towns are destined to be centers of insurgent-separatists.

Color revolutions are to be repeated in these towns, on a local scale, which will be carried out in accordance with ‘Maidan technologies’, when ‘black snipers’ open sporadic fire both on law enforcement offices and civil demonstrators. But this time, ‘black snipers’ will be within easy reach, at a stone’s throw. There will be no need to get them from the Baltic Republics or from Georgia, as it was the case in 2014 in Kiev.


Apart from that, the FBL investigation agency has found out that the Gudkovs own several apartments in Moscow. From the beginning of the 1990s, the Gudkovs, including their sun Dmitry Gudkov*, were registered in the center of Moscow, in an old 8-stories house, at the address: Masha Poryvayava street, house 38, located not far from the Place of Three Railway Stations. It’s interesting to note that as the formal owner of the apartment was itemized a certain firm ‘Shepard+’.

Certificate of transfer of rights of the apartment on Masha Poryvayava street

Registration cards of the Gudkov Family

House No 38 on Masha Poryvayava street in Moscow

In 1996 Gennady Gudkov officially bought a two-bedroom apartment in Moscow (75.5 square meters) on Marshal Sakharov street, house No 6, building 3. In five years, in 2001, the former KGB officer is buying in the same house also two one-bedroom apartments, 59 square meters each.

Cads of the owner of housing Gennady Gudkov

Gudkovs’ family nest: Marshal Sakharov street, house 6, building 3.

On April 24, 2024, a court in the Komi Republic arrested in absentia this housing owner and successful Russian businessman who has been acknowledged as foreign agent in Russia. Different parts of Article 205 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, one of the hardest, were imputed to him: creation of a terrorist group, direction of it as well as financing and justification of terrorist activity.

But, so it seems, some part of Russian law enforcement agencies is suffering from the so-called ‘bipolar disorder’ which, however, is not sufficiently studied so far. There are some symptoms of this illness: mood of such person is changing without reason – from euphoria to depression and vice versa.

With one hand our law enforcers are arresting (albeit in absentia) Gennady Gudkov, and with another hand, as if by magic, they are laying for him a copious table. Russia is, of course, a ‘generous heart’, but here is no need for it be became a magic tablecloth for various political maniacs, violators and other foreign agent assholes.

Author: Alexey Chelnokov

* - foreign agents, extremists:

* Gudkov Dmitry Gennadiyevich, born 19.01.1980, Identification number of a taxpayer (INN) 773709696309, Individual Insurance account number (SNILS) 021-544-51712. Acknowledged by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as a physical person fulfilling functions of a foreign agent. On 10.02.2022 included in the list of foreign agents with No 543;

* Kasparov Garry Kimovich, born 13.04.1963, - on 20.05.2022 was acknowledged by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as a physical person fulfilling functions of a foreign agent. Included in the Registry with No 388.

* Ponomaryov Ilya Vladimirovich, born 06.08.1975, Identification Number of a Taxpayer (INN) 773671548130, Individual Insurance Account Number (SNILS) 116-230-963 27, – on 21.10.2022 was acknowledged by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as physical person fulfilling functions of a foreign agent with No 463. On 25.01.2023 the Federal Financial Monitoring Service Rosfinmonitoring included Ilya Ponomaryov in the list of terrorists and extremists; he is put on the wanted list.

* Alexey Anatolyevich Navalny (born 04.06.1976 – died 16.02.2024) – on 25.01.2022 was included by Rosfinmonitoring in the list of physical persons connected with extremist activities or terrorism with No 8398;

** ‘The Congress of People’s Deputies’ (Poland) – on 28.04.2023 the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation acknowledged as undesirable activities of the organization (NGO) ‘Congress of People’s Deputies/ Kongres Deputowanych Ludovich, address: 102 Bruzdowa 9 Warsaw Poland 02-991. An extremist organization

** Legion ‘Free Russia’ (other used name “Legion Free Russia’ LSR) – by the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of 16.03.2023, No AKPI23-101C (came into force on 25.04.2023) this organization is acknowledged as terrorist. In April 2023 it was included in the United Federal List of Terrorist Organization with No 48;

** ‘Free Nations of Post-Russia Forum’, (Poland), by the decision of the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation of 17.03.2003 activities of this organization are acknowledged as undesirable on the territory of the Russian Federation*;

** ‘Free Russia Forum” (Lithuania) –by the decision of the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation of 01.02.2023 activities of this organization are acknowledged as undesirable on the territory of the Russian Federation. By the decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation was included in the corresponding Registry;

** Regiment, battalion ‘Azov’ – according to the Ruling of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of 03.08.2022, this Neo-Nazi structure was acknowledged as extremist organization. The Ukrainian paramilitary nationalist union ‘Azov’ (Battalion ‘Azov’, Regiment ‘Azov’) is included in the list of terrorist extremist organizations with No 540;

** Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK) – a paramilitary Ukrainian organization consisting of Neo-Nazis and traitors. Several criminal cases in Russian are being investigated. Was acknowledged as criminal organization, and its activities are prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation. In parallel, a notification was sent to the Office of the Prosecutor General about acknowledgement of this organization as a terrorist one. As of today, the notion is in proceedings.

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