Criminal chain of affiliated persons

Criminal chain of affiliated persons

The money stolen and legalized through ‘Yukos Capital S.a.r.l.’ was given to the ‘affiliates’ of Yukos at interest. The website reminds us of what happened on August 8, 2006.

On this day, 15 years ago, on August 8, 2006, the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation launched a criminal investigation with regard to swindle in the course of the bankruptcy procedure of the Oil Company Yukos. The criminal case was launched under Article 159, paragraph 4 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Swindling committed by a person through his official position, as well as on a large scale). According to the investigation, the management of the company "Yukos Capital S. a. r. l." was involved in fraudulent actions. The mentioned company took the role of one of the main creditors during the bankruptcy procedure of the Oil Company Yukos.

I would like to remind you that these are the same persons that at the end of July 2021, in defiance of all rules, hastened to announce the decision of the International Arbitration in Geneva acting under the auspices of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague. Allegedly, on July 23, 2021, the Court in Geneva passed a judgment pertaining to the merits of the dispute between the company ‘Yukos Capital S.a.r.l.’ with the Russian Federation and awarded it damages in the amount of ‘5 billion US dollars.’

That's why it would be useful for contemporary readers to know that even then, 15 years ago, the investigators came to the conclusion that the loans which had been provided to the Oil company Yukos and its affiliates – to the corporations ‘Yuganskneftegaz’, ‘Samaraneftegaz’, ‘Tomskneft’, ‘Yukos Vostok Trade’, Energotrade’ - to the whole tune of 4.5 billion of US dollars were received by the company ‘Yukos Capital S.a.r.l.’ by way of using the chain of affiliated with it juristic persons, including those located abroad. On the same day, a spokesman of the Office of the Prosecutor General of Russia carries out a withdrawal of documents at the JSC ‘Yukos – Finance and Budget Centre’ where data were kept that were of interest for the investigation.

(See the story in Russian: Cunning rascals of the YUKOS' 'laundry room' temporarily rewarded with 2.6 billion dollars; «Прохиндеям из «прачечной» Юкоса временно присудили 2,6 млрд долларов»).

The schemes with participation of 'Yukos Capital S.a.r.l.’ were later on described by the Court in the Verdict of the Khamovnichesky Court of Moscow from December 27, 2010, passed with regard to Khodorkovsky and Lebedev pertaining to the Verdict of the Khamovnichesky Court of Moscow from December 27, 2010, on the court case No 1-23/10.

‘Analyzed during the Court sessions evidence corroborate accusations of the defendants that the pecuniary assets acquired through the selling of the oil stolen from the production firms were legalized and put on accounts of foreign companies and then via the company 'Yukos Capital S.a.r.l.’ already in the form of loans were given to the came entities’ (See page 540 of the Verdict).

'The Court considers being proved the fact that the members of this organized group under the direction of Khodorkovsky M.B. and Lebedev P.L. during the period from the end of 2003 to 2004 legalized the pecuniary assets in the amount of 2 833 000.00 US dollars and gave them as loans to the same oil producing entities from which they preciously had stolen oil and had deprived them of sources of working assets as well as profit, (See p. 541 of The Verdict).

Besides, during the judicial proceedings, it was established on the basis of documents that the professions of Khodorkovsky and his assurances that all actions with the loans had been executed‘ within the perimeters of Yukos, was nothing more than a trick.

It has become clear that the ‘company ‘Yukos Capital S.a.r.l.’ in its relations with the JSC ‘Yuganskneftegaz’ and JSC Oil company Yukos acted not the as part connected with them, not as part of the united and consolidated structure the JSC Oil Company Yukos, but as a separate legal body (page 543 of the Verdict).

It turns out that when Khodorkovsky narrated to the whole world that the Oil Company Yukos was a big family, he simply misinformed everybody. Nevertheless, it was found out in court that in this friendly oil family overseas 'werewolves’ emerged: now they are members of the friendly corporation, now they are suddenly banal gentlemen-percenters which on the occasion had given loans to the ‘affiliates’ of Yukos. Just in such a way Khodorkovsky and Co stole money from the Oil company,’ points out the website

(See previous story ‘In Jukos the stubborn were blown up or poisoned.' Sensational interview of Alexey Golubovich. He quitted the job after attempted murder on his wife. 'Any article directed against Yukos was removed, for money…' The website reminds us of what happened on August 7, 2006.


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