On this day, lawyers “lost” Khodorkovsky

On this day, lawyers “lost” Khodorkovsky

Lawyers’ farce under the name of “Khodorkovsky was removed in an unknown destination. The lost object was found at the following address: Karelia, town Segezha, Leigubskaya Street, Correctional Facility IK No7. The website Prigovor.ru reminds its readers of what happened on June 13, 2011.

On this day 12 years ago, on June 13, 2011, lawyers and followers of the swindler Khodorkovsky played a yet another drama entitled “Khodorkovsky was removed in an unknown destination”.

They didn’t try to invent something new, and made use of the old screen play from 2005, when all progressive public in broad daylight, but with flashlights, searched for “lost Khodorkovsky”, who, at that time, simply was being transported to the place of serving his sentence passed in accordance with the verdict of the Meschansky District Court of Moscow of May 2005 for a series of massive economic crimes. In 2011, it was decided to repeat the old trick.


A big smoke in the press was raised at the behest of lawyers and Inna Khodorkovskaya, the wife of Khodorkovsky, who, sometimes, is prone to extravagant reactions, and nowadays even in Washington they know about it.

So, on June 10, she was not allowed to see her husband in a pre-trial detention center, and she was told that the convict Khodorkovsky was being dispatched to serve the penalty in accordance with the ruling of the Khamovnichesky Court of Moscow passed in December 2010 when the court had adjudged him guilty of embezzlement of oil and of laundering of revenues received by illegal means.

(See the article “On this day, a prison sentence was announced to Khodorkovsky for embezzlement and money laundering”).

The undertaken efforts to challenge the verdict was not successful for Khodorkovsky. And the time came to move him to a colony. Inna Khodorkovskaya and the lawyer Natalya Terekhova, having learned that the convict was being moved under convoy, tried “to found out, to what particular colony” the convict would be delivered. Moreover, they were aware of the experience from the year 2005 – the Federal Penal Correction Service informs relatives about a new location as soon as a convict is delivered to a colony. But they put on a semblance as if they had heard nothing about it.

Lawyers could not manage to make a meeting with Khodorkovsky in the Pre-trial center “Matrosskaya Tishina” (in English: “Sailor’s silence). The deputy head of the pre-trial detention center declined to allow a meeting on the grounds that the convict was being prepared to be moved to a colony. All that was left to do was to wait – as soon as he could be transported, they would definitely become the address.

“We do not comment information connected with transporting of convicts from one place to another, including this particular convict”, said an employee of the press service of the Federal Penal Enforcement Service FSIN speaking with journalists who was trying, for some reason or other, “to find Khodorkovsky”.

“The Russian prison authorities sent Khodorkovsky, former oil tycoon now behind bars, by prison transport to a colony in an unknown place”, ominously reported the newspaper “The Financial Times”, trying to mould from an ordinary trickster an engraved image of a “fighter with the regime” who “threw out a challenge to the Kremlin”.

“The wife and lawyers of Khodorkovsky were not allowed to meet him before he was moved to an unknown colony. On the whole, there are 753 colonies in Russia”, narrated the propaganda mouthpiece “Voice of America”. Yet, everybody concurred that Khodorkovsky would not be returned to the colony YG 14/10 located in the Chita Area, near the town Krasnokamensk.


And it played out so, as soon as the press-service of the Federal Penal Correction Service became such a possibility, curiosity of the press was satisfied. Several days later, “missing Khodorkovsky” was found at a passing point of his itinerary – in the pre-trail detention facility in the Volgograd Area. And then it became clear – “taken to an unknown destination” billionaire-swindler was transported to Karelia, to the correctional facility IK-7, for serving his term in the correctional colony of the Segezhsky Region, where each morning from colony’s laud-speakers sounded for everyone to hear in the district: “We begin physical drill! Hands up!”

“And it continued that way, until December 20, 2013, when the President’s decree was published “On pardoning of Khodorkovsky M.B.” The trickster Khodorkovsky was pardoned “for humanity reasons”. After that he escaped over the border and from abroad started to carry out an unbridled anti-Russia activity”, notes the website Prigovor.ru.

(See also the previous article “On this day, a Spanish accomplice of Khodorkovsky was detained”. He laundered 8.5 billion dollars. Antonio Valdez-Garcia, director of a shell-firm “Fragoil”, was apprehended in the airport “Sheremetyevo”.  The website Prigovor.ru reminds its readers of what happened on June 12, 2005).

*On May 20, 2022, the Russian Ministry of Justice included M.B. Khodorkovsky in the list of physical persons executing functions of a foreign agent.

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